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Hello Everyone,

I really don’t know if this category is the best place to post this topic, if not please pardon me. I am writing this post with the aim to reach out to other practitioners for advice and assistance as it relates to my mental health. I will appreciate any contribution to help me get back my balance.

Since September last year, I have been experiencing episodes of anxiety and depression which I taught were caused by my excess smoking of weed and coffee, hence I had to stop since that time. But till this very moment, my moods and emotions appear not to be improving and it is causing a great deal of distress at work and personal life.

I have been doing many imitations and magical workings since 2019 and sometimes I feel these may have contributed to the experiences I am going through but I am confused and have no one to relate things like this with since I am a solitary practitioner.

Please I will appreciate any comment

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Hello… so spiritual awakening often gets you these anxiety and stress and past traumatic experiences to deal with… to achieve peace in life you gotta release all heaviness from your mind and hence you need to deal with all these problems and heal yourself… good thing is being into magick or spirituality you know methods for dealing with these situations, if not others will help who have experienced these things being in this path and healed themselves… but if it’s more and before getting into this path you have been facing this thn probably medical help you can seek and at home you can work with this with meditation and all … :blush: whatever works for you.

Weed can cause psychosis, but in my opinion as opposed to my very qualified, I have to agree to disagree with my psych, I believe its due to either too much THC for you to handle (we are all lightweights at some point), or it is laced with fentanyl or pcp if its weak crap weed.
Coffee, no.
My guess is the brain biochemistry is predisposed by genes or lack of neurotransmitters and receptors, ala, depression and anxiety.
People can rattle others. Think bullies. That shit doesnt go away, ever. There is a lways a new corner prick.

Hell DarkestKnight I have written an introduction about myself

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Hello @ Rose_Lily Thanks for your reply. As for medicals, i have been using anti-depressant for a while and i am tied of using drugs.

I really want to heal and start my craft again. For now i have suspended any heavy spiritual workings, please offer your recommendations.

I am confused with your reply, are you saying i cant get well??


I’ve never heard of coffee causing depression – anxiety yes, but if so, I’m sorry this happened to you. Weed is psychoactive and some people react very negatively to it; I have an ex-boyfriend who developed schizophrenic symptoms of psychosis after smoking it daily for 2+ years; I myself in the past have developed panic attacks and OCD-i symptoms after smoking daily for 12 to 18 months. (They’re gone now although some minor OCD-i tics remain.)

If something is causing you harm then there are many entities who can help cut it from your life. It takes time for your body to adjust and in the meanwhile you can do some kind of shadow work and internal work to improve your mood.

If you tell us exactly what you’re going through then we might be able to help and offer better suggestions.


@Veil Thanks for your kind words. Well I can recall one night when my girlfriend was in the house this was after I have stopped smoking in September last year due to certain uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing at that time, it seems a force was attacking me while sleeping, in reaction, I noticed I projected out of my bed and drew the trident in the sky to send the negative force away.

The next day my girlfriend went back home, though I did not discuss anything with her. On that same night, she left I attempted to reinforce the projection using draconian fire, I usually do this when I notice anything funny, but this time it seems my draconian fire return a violent attack again me and made me feel so afraid till this day.

While the feeling of dread has faded away, I experience more depression than anxiety these days. At times both feelings play at the same time inside me and this makes me feel confused and incapacitated.

One thing i noticed also is a constant migraine on the left side of my head.

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That does not sound fun, I am sorry it happened to you. I would recommend banishing daily if you’re not already doing so (LBRP is perfectly good for this).

As to your thoughts, you can work with sigils, angels, or sigils to help yourself. Do you have any grimoires that you use regularly?


Most of my practices are rooted in Qliphoticj magick so i use Book of Sitra Ahra

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The Mormon church has a brochure called Words of Wisdom that tells you to abstain from everything except exercise, healthy food and healthy drinks.
Not to say Schizophrenia related symptoms cannot occur in anyone, but THC can definitely contribute.
However, if its out of your hands, a pot brownie could be useful at times in a controlled environment.
I would not recommend opioids or hallucinogens however.

In a recent therapy class, we took out pen and paper, and wrote five columns according to the five senses. You write a list of everything that calms you, and list it in rows in the columns. Then you procure said items, and start a freakout bag, so carry that in your backpack, purse, etc, and when you get a panic attack, seek a secure area, and delve into the bag to calm yourself. Then controlled breathing.

Thanks DouglasJamesCameronF

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