I need to ruin someone QUICK

I won’t go into what they did (can’t anyway since it’s the internet). Just know that they deserve to suffer in all ways. They owe me a little money but I can do without it (that’s not why I need to do this; there’s much, much more). I don’t want him dead. I could ruin him with one or two phone calls. But that puts me in contact with him and I don’t want that. Especially since it’s been made clear that he’s not good at taking responsibility for his own actions.

If it matters he’s a lawyer, extremely unhealthy, works for a firm and he’s married with kids but plays around. I want his life R-U-I-N-E-D and actually for him to think that it wasn’t me who did it. He deserves to die, but people don’t suffer when they are dead.


Are you absolutely sure you want to venture into this territory?
Nothing “wrong” with it because morality is relative and nobody–including yourself–is perfect. Nothing external enters into your experience without your alignment, whether intentional or not, to it.

That said: I have worked with the Necronomicon Spellbook for such things and it did produce very good results. So you can check it out. The specific spirits would be Suhgurim and Zahrim. Please note that although it produced the desired results it affected me too.
Actually, all you need is your imagination and, in fact, your very intent itself sets the ball rolling towards the illusory result you seek. The results can vary but most people think that the only thing that could stop it is if that person has a pure vibration but few, if any, actually do.