I need to rant about an ex

So I have an ex named K. So K was cool. She was very playful and adventurous. However, she was bipolar. I have a friend of 6 years who her self is bipolar named M, and M and K are very different from each other.

K had her problems, and would drag me into them. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her dad and his girlfriend. However, that wasn’t the problem. She would call me over the simplest of issues and drag an emotionally naive and unprepared me into her own crazy world. I met her dad and his GF, and they were really nice. M, however, has a mother that manipulates her emotionally. Luckily, she doesn’t drag me into those problems. I offer whatever help I can to her, but she’s very independent emotionally. K once called me because her mom wouldn’t move her car so she could drive into town to buy a smoothy. And where she lived, she could easily walk to get a smoothy.

I get it. People with bipolar are different and some handle it differently than others. And as someone with a disability of my own (autism) I wanted to help her like I help M. However, the fact is she took advantage of me. She manipulated me into going to New York with her (shortly after the trump innogeration), then claimed I manipulate her. She eventually took my V, but soon later had sex with some other guy and then caught an STD. I later told her I’m done talking to her, and she responded by claiming I’m a misogynist.

Within recent months, she then contacted me again. She told me she lives in Florida now. Why? How? She threw knives at a cop. And now she’s living with her older sister in Florida. SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL! But, I digress.

I mentioned in someone else’s post that I don’t like to be involved with someone who I feel I have to babysit. And unfortunately, I have a history of attracting people, male acquaintances and potential girl friends, who come packaged with their own problems, whether it be having an abusive parent, psychological conditions, or just not being able to drive. I try to help them but in doing so I put myself in the position of being drained. I have my own problems… Autism, anxiety, depression. Because of which, I am not able to deal with other people’s problems. I do expect something from other people when I hang out with them. To the least, I expect them to be able to drive. I shouldn’t be picking people up at their houses or dropping them off.

I can’t get over K. Not so much because I have feelings for her. If anything, I carry a grudge against her. Why? Because K’s crazy, selfish, DUMB AS SHIT, and manipulative. She comes into my life, promises sex, drains me, leaves, and makes me out to be the bad guy. K does drugs, has unprotected sex, and uses being bipolar as an excuse. And who throws knives at cops and then ends up living in Florida? SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL! Once again, my friend, M, is bipolar and maintains sanity. Despite her abusive mother.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I don’t want her out of my life. I WANT HER IN JAIL! She’s a menace and should pay for all the shit she’s done. Like I said, she should be in jail. I’m not looking to hurt her, but let the punishment fit the crime. To the very least, I want to do as she did to me.

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No death curse, but punishment.

Drop Lord Belial a line. Good Ole Papa B can help you with that. But be SPECIFIC. If you want her in jail, and prefer that no physical harm come to others in the process, SPECIFY that.

Hope you feel better.

Realising that one has been manipulated is a really bad feeling. ’

There’s no easy way to deal with feelings such as these.
I’m dealing with some similar feelings, to do with an ex, who treated me extremely poorly.

I’m a fan of binding the target in their own aura, visualising their aura as being “blocked” from the universe. Having a prior “love” connection will make this easier as the connection is already there.

All the best.

Should K be in jail? You know that better than I ever will.

However, it sounds like her condition may not be regulated very well (…or at all), and she might really need treatment in a mental hospital, or at least an outpatient program.

That might be something to bring up with the entity of your choice.