I need to learn

Hello my friends, I am here to talk about something that concerns me personally, except that I have not learned anything to do yet.
I read several different subjects, but I did not learn anything real, Something like how I feel energy and how I can focus or summon a soul.
Please guide us to a place where you can learn nice and useful things, This is my request. I am looking for knowledge and practice and applying that thing that I learned and reaching real results.

You can try candle or petition spells to start.

Those haven’t worked for me, so I went to the next thing: spirit tasking.

That did work and keeps working. Just get a few grimoires until you find one that works. And don’t quit just because one (two, ten, forty) time(s) didn’t work.

My favorite grimoire is Henry Archer’s “The Magick of Angels and Demons”, so get that one, read it and try it.

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How do I start with candles? Are the candles strong and what is their role please sir

I shouldn’t be the one to answer that, since I didn’t manage to work, so it is most likely that I did something wrong.

There are tutorials in the forum, so search for it.

I do my best and thank you!

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Read the Franz Bardon books , they have tons of practical work in there

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