I need to get my relatives passports back

So I have two passports held in Dhaka. Me, my mum and my brother went to the Bangladesh High Commission in Manchester to process the passports. I don’t need one since I have British passport. Well they sent them to Chittagong (my native home city) to be approved by the police, they asked my family members there for evidence. That went fine but the passports haven’t arrived yet which really pisses me off and it’s so frustrating that my mum is bugging me about the passports. She keeps telling me to phone the home office but to no avail. I’ve sent complaint letters and emails but they only respond once.
We processed the passport information in July 2018 and it still hasn’t arrived yet. We checked on Dhaka passport office website that they were still processing. Please tell what I could do to bring them back? Are any spells or such? Thanks.

If you refer about magick summon king belial, and if you need another type of help seek a lawyer and present a resorce.

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Lawyers are really expensive though.

I dont know the law of your country but i think so you can present a resorce on the embassy or a forigen office o talk with red cross o some type of human rights asociations. For magick stuff king belial is ver effective about these types of matters, also can try with adromalius.

I think Hermes would be awesome for this, too. He’s all about communication & he’s the god of thieves, so maybe he can just swipe them for you.

Just shout about human rights, they’ll be rushed straight through these days :roll_eyes: :gun: On a serious note though, Belial is the guy to go to for this

Initially thought you were going somewhere very different with that

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