I need the RIGHT banishing spell for this

I need to banish my ex husband from my life and my child’s life for many reasons which I do not wish to get into. But where he is tied to me thru her, I’m afraid I will accidentally hurt her or lose her in the process. I don’t want to use a freezer spell, I don’t him in my freezer…Lucifuge will help me. I once used the jar method and it didn’t work so I am looking for a banishing method for ridding my mind, life and spirit of this person forever. Any ideas? Ty so much!

use the energy your ex husband is taking from you to remove him from your life. Also focus that energy towards the well being of you and your child. Im not really experienced in these types of spells so this is the best advice i can offer, use that energy to your advantage


You can bind him away from you all.

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Use a sigil web.

Create a sigil representing yourself and draw it in the middle of a large piece of paper. Then create individual sigils representing everything in your life, including your ex husband, and connect them to your sigil via lines. Once you have created an accurate picture of your life, hold the intention of cutting him out in mind, and take a pair of scissors and cut out the sigil representing him, and burn it.

He will shortly be removed from your life and you will never hear from him again.


That’s incredible, I have been seeing spiders all day and asking myself why. Thanks!!!

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Sex, love, and the divine act of creating life is serious. I don’t know of any “magick” that will rewrite your past or memories. And trust me at one point in my life I tried just about everything to get rid of memories including sex, drugs, and alcohol. When two people join together intimately they summon the powers of creation and bring life into the world. This is a sacred thing.

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I don’t want to rewrite it, I want to clear the future of hurt for myself and kid. I have to try and it’s def possible.

Your name is not Sam is it?


Ok thought I’d ask because I meditated on this question last night and heard audible word “sam” haha worth shot