I need suggestions /help in performjng basic spells and rituals

Spells that raise my charm / magnetism . In attracting the opposite sex
A spell that helps me battle my anxiety /deppression
Spells that increase my income oppurtunities and weth/success
… those three areas are important to me . Im already good at two . Success and woman . Im a hard worker , smart attractive. But my stredd /anxiety and maybe low moods cause me to be antisocial or avoid interacting . Sorry , thats alot i know

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Thats good.Let me see if I can find any books about these.I will be back.

Thanks alot . Appreciatte it

How do i add you as a friend or whatever lol . You are very helpful and i appreciate it . I been looking for so.eone to kind of “take me under their wing”
I could sompensate you or something for your time. Last guy that was supposed ro be my mentor really let me down . What do you think


A color corresponding both to love and wealth is green. Pink is another one related to love and red to passion, sex, but also to anger, violence… Gold is about riches. You may for example surround yourself at different times with auras of those colors, or inhale through all your pores the green power of the planet Venus.
Begin a spell or a ritual by clearing your mind, by relaxing the muscles, breathing deeply and looking at the mental “flow” or by ignoring the thoughts. Choose a day of the week, for example wealth-Thursday (maybe Sunday too), love-Friday. Especially for rituals, more than spells, visualize the magical Circle on the ground (or actually form it) and invoke the 4 elements.


Thank you , i tend to complicate things . But this helps . I appreciate it .

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sounds like to me a twin flame approach might be best working for you

i love youtube because im not great at sitting down reading there is a wealth of videos on there about confidence and approach anxiety. if you can learn from them you will polor shift you mind set away from anxiety/dep

with spell work trying not to move mountains but maybe stone: you have a good foundation as you meditate bring claity and focus to the most simplistic of goals and build on success after success. untill you can move mountains

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Great advice, thank you . Do you have any specific videos you would reccomend , titles of videos i can search , or subjects in general . I like what you said avout polar shift. I see that taking place to be honest . I see my self as going from one extreme, anxiety /depression , to the other self confidence and assurance .

the polar shift: The 12 Universal Laws That Governs Our Lives! (Create Your Life!) - YouTube law number 10, these are use to understandeven though taken is a slight softer side shall wee say…but great for understand life you can adapt to fit

RAPID ROMANCE: Psychological Secrets For Dating Mating and Relating FREE Street -level NLP Lecture - YouTube for the approach rapid speed dating, it help you understand the processwee markers on the way, NLP LECTURE: SPEED ATTRACTION - How To Make Someone Love You In 20 Minutes Or Less - YouTube useful too,

hope its ok to post links as im new to this site myself if its not allowed so be it i need informed

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Pm’d you

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Cool man. Ill watch these and get back to you . I appreciate it .

Cool man ill watch these and get back to you thanks

I have you ever heard of hermetics . Its very similar to the 7 hermetic principles which is somethkng i study regularly.

I just looked up the 2nd video you posted . Funny th im ng i just watched this guy about 2weeks ago on Youtube about the subconcious mind . At least i feel better knowing im on the right track .i just need to take this info more serious and apply

7 hermetic principles the answer is yes im aware,

that guy along with a few others will ground you in the earth aspects for sure…just try to take as much in as you can ive spent many years looking over that stuff the so much and its a vast subject but like anything practice makes you more competent.


Right on , thanks .

Depends, I would reccomend finding a system and learning it.

Koettings Evoking Eternity book could help, or the Works of Darkness

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

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Awesome , i will check these out . Thanks !

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