I need spell bottle suggestions

I’m looking to make a spell bottle to sap someone’s will when they enter my home, to make them easier to influence. This is for defensive purposes, so weakening them without attacking them is ideal. The other option would be to make one to give the person an affinity to me. I want to use spell bottles for this, so they can work passively while I stack a little vocal NLP.

I have an unbidden guest coming to my house next week, and the situation is unavoidable. I want to break this piece of shit in two and own the motherfucker without them being aware of it, so I must emphasize, passive.

Any suggestions are welcome.


It sounds like a strange situation lol.

It’s funny to because I had found a small bottle at work the other day and wanted to make a spell bottle myself.

I would write a petition stating the desire (saying it repeatedly as I fill the jar with the contents) and burn it, ashes in the bottle, some hermatite for energy production, quartz because I believe it to be a soul stone, maybe even a dried herb like cayenne to break the person down a bit (especially since it is commonly used in hexes), and maybe even a drop of whiskey to make them suggestable.

I love cursed objects, I’m sure it would look nice too depending on the bottle.


I kind of wonder if garlic would be an appropriate herb for this situation since it’s used for baneful, protection and attraction spells. You could use the baneful aspect to passively break them down while protecting your own influence while allowing this person to grow fond of you, which means they would be less willing to go out of the house early if they somehow feel suspicious (in other words they are drawn into the effects of the spell instead of just being a target of baneful magic). Garlic is also associated with Hekate (a goddess of magic and hexes) so calling for her to infuse some of her magic in the bottles by offering extra garlic to her might help the spell work, especially in the passive aspect.

Iron nails could also be used to pin the effects on them and manipulate them while blocking outside influences from effecting the outcome. Vinegar can also be used for hexing.


I wouldn’t use Baneful herbs for this I would combine a sigil you create for this intent with a “sweetening spell jar” cuz ya know, catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Draw the Sigils on the outside of the bottle and charge them/it.

Good luck.