I need someone to open myself with

Hello everyone.
I don’t know if is a strange thing to ask but I’m struggling with some stuff about magick, evocation, gods relationships and things like that(I’m not talking about difficults that new or experienced magian can get).
I feel like I’m losing my mind. And I have no one to talk to.
So I really appreciate if someone here is willing to talk to me; so I can talk about the things I’m dealing with and receive some advices and ‘diagnostic’ haha
I would prefer someone “older” with more experience in magick and evocations, cause I think it will be able to help me more. And if is a woman even better. I would feel more comfortable in share those stuff with another woman.
So, if anyone here is willing to do this help talk with me I would be very thankfully. Just call me in private/message me.


Aw girl! I get it sometimes you need someone to hear you out. Am not an expert in anything, I just go with my gut feeling. I wouldn’t mind helping with what I can even if it’s just hearing.


im literally a beginner but like gorl my dms are always open.


@anon50363245 is really nice to talk to as well :relieved:


This is a good sign. Rejoice! This is the aim of head zapping. You’re confronting and losing your fucked up, scheduled thought processes and it’s scary. Magick works better after you loosen your mind. Enjoy!



i feel the same too,no one supports me now,i am just alone fighting my battles but too much pain and doubt us within me,i need someone too
feel you.


just dm me if you need to chat bc i love listening to rants like

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If you want talk. I’m here to listen too :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this apply to me. I wish it was but I don’t know…
Thank you either way.

If you want to learn Tantra, anytime.