I need some suggestions

Hi guys and girls, im in sorta a tricky situation.

Months back i had already posted a question about entities that can help me and my parents find a new house to live in as our current one gets sold. Turns out not long after that my spirit husband started bringing a bunch of potential places to our attention and now there is one particular one we are trying to get.

But now there is a new problem. So there are some buyers wanting the current house, and we have been waiting since april to close. What’s held this off is loan officers being very slow AND being cocky with the buyers. For example, there was a point in may we thought we had a date to move but then all of a sudden it was required we do some work when it came to gas lines after they already said we were in the clear. And asking for a lot from the buyers. I dont know every bit about that part, but i know its just a lot of dumb crap.

Our realitor (who also happens to be a good friend to my parents) sometimes mentions that it may be better off to drop these buyers and start over. We dont want to do that right away. We want to give the buyers a chance but at the same time this is going so long, we are already living out of boxes pretty much because a good majority of the place has been packed for months.

I need some suggestions or ideas on how to speed things up where no more stupidness comes up to interrupt. Me and my family need this and the buyers need this badly as well, i just wanna help out and really get things in the right direction.

Thanks in advance :crescent_moon: :house_with_garden:

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I think this is a real estate business transaction situation. Not much one can do except get the legal laws aspect of house coding fulfilled. Maybe ask spirits /demons/ angels to help find someone in the real estate business who can help speed up the process?

As for the buyers, it’s a question of them being able to afford it. It’s a business transaction so treat it as such. sometimes waiting too long is a message they aren’t the right buyers or those doing the paperwork don’t know what they doing. Or advise the buyer to get a new loan officer since he don’t know his job being very slow.

I don’t know. It’s not my area of expertise but if others are being slow, they just don’t know their stuff and i would get a 2nd opinion or find someone who know what they are doing.

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i can betcha the loan officer will speed up if you hint at finding another loan officer. the commission is too big to be dumb and slow.

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I heard that the buyer was so pissed at the loan people that she was yelling on the phone at them lol. I dont blame her though.

find another loan officer or maybe they don’t have the funds? or incompetent loan officer worker. it’s one of the two. People have a choice. If they yelling at loan officer then that person isnt’ right. Fire the loan officer. buying a home is big deal money. the loan officer should be pleasant and do what they can for smooth flow as speedy as possible. customer service.

I know nothing about house real estate but i think its’ simple. House ready to be sold, get money and pay for it and do paperwork to transfer property. that’s it. shouldn’t take months. Do you see buying a car take months? don’t think so. i would expect house to be similar to transfering a car.

I mean, the house should already be ready to be sold if it’s put on the market. so it shouldn’t take long.

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are you in the USA or another country as I do real estate for a living.

Repairs on the home would be requested by the buyers agent after the home inspection was done. If things were not right, your options are to fix or not, you can always refuse and negotiate price a little and have buyers fix later.

How long have you been in escrow. your agent is well within their rights to find out from the buyers lender what the problem is, you all have a contract which you must stick too.

If escrow is taking this long, someones stalling and you need to be serving a notice to perform if things are shaky.

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Im in the U.S.

Thanks for the response, as of right now we know that everything is going through some underwriters. We have heard that right now some things are slow because many people are jumping on the bandwagon due to low rates and things because of the coronavirus pandemic. Its just what kills me is that these loan officers have also been acting like they are trying to tip toe around things with the buyers and even though at my family’s end we are good at the moment just waiting for things to go through so we have a closing date

Any change can be manifested. Just be sure it isn’t working in your favor.

It isn’t.

So just… Begin to quicken things. You are more of an ingredients type, yes? You like magick with physical tools. Make a… I dunno… Speed jar? Put foods in that make you think speed. Spices, hot peppers…

Or, just try to imagine a clock above the manifestation speeding up, and the deal itslef physically fast forwarding.

Speed is its own are, timing is too. Care before you cast.

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