I need some spell suggests for keeping my abusive mother away from me after I move out

My mother, I believe, has NPD. She never got diagnosed and never would because she thinks she’s better than doctors but she hits all the symptoms. At the very least, she’s definitely an abusive asshole that I’m working my hardest to get away from. The thing is, I’m worried that once I leave, she’ll just try to hunt me down and drag me back to her place or try to ruin my new life somehow or even stalk me. I know I can use spells to get her to not do that but spells don’t work very well on her for some reason. I read on this forum that spells have a much harder time working on narcissists vs regular people. So if anybody has any spells for dealing with narcissists and keeping them away from you, please send them my way. I don’t think a regular protection spell will cut it. Or keeping abusers away. I’m not looking for revenge. Just heavy duty protection spells.

Personally, I would create a servitor and attach it to your mother. You can design it to follow her around and nudge her away if she thinks about taking any steps to find you.

Servitors are much better suited for long term tasks than simple spells. They can last forever.

Make thoughtform that amplifies her narcissism and aggression and then focuses it on dangerous people that are also volatile. Sit back and watch the fireworks in the news or such as she will be much too preoccupied to even remember you exist. With these sorts mental magick doesn’t do much unless it amplifies and redirects what is there and a good distraction is easy in this case.

If you want protection you have to apply energy and most spells function only mentally hence why these types seem resistant. They have no resistance at all above the average person likely even less but the quality of spells most people direct target the mental plane where their ego is strongest and not the energetic or physical plane where they have no defense. These types of defenses are usually offensive defenses in that they will target and attack those that violate their conditions or exert so much pressure on the energy body and emotions of a being that they have to leave.