I need some help

Ok.So I’m in Washington D.C right now after escaping hell and back from Florida. and my luck recently hasn’t been so great.And I DO have alot of jealous enemies.I haven’t got a job yet,I lost my id and I’m staying at my aunt’s house and I have until Thursday to get out of this situation or at least have a interview lined up so my grandfather in NW will have mercy on me and take me under his wing I’m going to be
homeless again in of the worst places imagined.Can somebody please read my tarots and tell what’s wrong with me or tell me what I’m doing wrong and possibly help me?I promise as soon I get my siuatated ill return the favor

Occult enemies?

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Just enemies in general.I don’t know if they practice magick though. I don’t know if it’s then or just me.That’s what I am trying to figure out