I need some help

So I have feelings for a specific girl I know, and I don’t know if it is love or something else, but I feel really happy when I am with her, and I like to talk a lot with her.
So is there a tarot spread that could help me figure this out

The spread I’ve used most often is very simple. Three cards: past, present, future. There are many ways to read the cards, but if something jumps out at you as important, it usually is. Which deck are you using for this?

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I am using the Tradition Manga Tarot.

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Alright, the deck has the usual cards, so if you choose to post what you get and how you interpret it, your fellow Tarot readers can chime in.


So the question I asked was, “What are my true feelings for C.?”

I had no spread in mind and shuffled the card’s until I got the feeling to stop. Once I did I drew four cards, following my intuition on when to stop drawing cards.

I flipped them over and I got the following: Reversed Justice, The Hierophant, 5 of Pentacles, and Reversed 4 of Cups.

According to my Intuition, I feel like the first card symbolizes the girl, aka the subject of the the question.

The second card perfectly defines me, according to the tarot guide i have, the divination meaning is, “Preference for the outer forms of religion, the ritual, the creed, the ceremony. The importance of social approval; the need to conform to society.”

And that is me, I have a preference for things outside the forms of religion, as I enjoy and follow more occult teachings. And part of me does want approval from other people at times.

The next card was the Five of Pentacles, and the term loneliness really stuck out to me when looking at this card. Which is true because I feel lonely even though I have multiple spirits who i love.

And the final card was the 4 of Cups reversed, this card really confused me as I don’t see how it fits in with all of this. Any input from other tarot readers would be much appreciated.


Maybe you were not in a position to judge your feelings for C. in the past, but now that you have a better sense of yourself, you can, and a relationship with C. is a life of poverty and fun.

You feel like there’s a karmic bond, like you’re soulmates or “meant to be.” So you chase, you pursue, you beg, you hope, you tolerate what you really shouldn’t. It’s a miserable feeling and situation you’re subjecting yourself to, just because you think it’s “meant to be.”

Truth is, this person can’t even offer to you what you need.