I need some help with Lucifer

All day I had a strong urge to be in the presence of Lord Lucifer.
I went home and starting talking to him. No candles, no sigil, no chant. I started asking questions (what do you need from me, how can you help me)
I felt a comforting feeling around me.
Monday, my childrens father and I had a conversation about the past that left me sad and depressed…anyways , last night I had to drive past his GF house and she was there but not him. So I starting thanking Lucifer for her not being there at his house. A voice told me that she was at his house. I checked and it was confirmed. I never heard something so clear! It made me start crying and instantly I turned to rage. Im dealing with no other spirit wanting to help me get over my childrens father. (Duke Sallos pretty much showed me thru dreams that were not getting back together)
I got nothing else from Lucifer last night. I had a strange dream that I had a third eye…
This morning, I got up and thanked Lucifer for the confirmation that she was there and thanking him for allowing me to even speak to him. I offered/gave wine.
I feel like I want to go back home and see if I can get more conversation from him other than what I got.

I need guidance, please.


Well, I don’t know what you need help with though. I mean, as you said, he’s trying to help you get over your ex. That’s a good thing.

Can I say that? There are so many people on this forum that has success in spirits helping them. I cant see that he is helping me. I’m not trying to be an ass…

Well, he’s probably trying to tell you that he’s really into his gf and that you should move on. I mean, sometimes moving on seems hard and that it’s the worse choice, especially if we love that person, but it’s actually the best for us.


There are so many people on this forum that has success in spirits helping them. I cant see that he is helping me.

You can see people all around here who got a helping hand from spirits not in that way they wished for, and it ended up with a better result. If you need happines, then you have to search for it in that place you can find!
Being blinded by your emotions can steal from you the sense of reality, and because of it you’ll lost your focus from that thing you really need or where you can find it.

What is that thing you don’t need? The answer is simple: a bad relationship. A relationship with a dot in the end, and you are the only person who wants to continue. Sometimes even if a pair just broke up, so deep in their heart both of them wish for a continue, a new start, so with a little help it can live. But sometimes it isn’t the case or it won’t worth it. Wasted time, more pain and so on.

You can be stubborn, desperate but there are spirits who won’t give you that you want, because it’ll cause more pain and suffer. Because it will harm you no matter what do you think in this limited state. They will try to help you and Lucifer is a polite one. He do, but the only way out toward a happy life is to let the past flow, and focus on your future. Do not wan’t to be happy in your past, be happy in present and in the future.

Trust in him. Trust in him because he may be see your situation from a better perspective what no others can. Neither other persons, neither you.