I need some help please?

Some weird shit is going on. So a month ago i started a new job and met this amazing women. We clicked like no other. Now a month later we our feelings are strong mind body soul emotions and now it just went to physical even tho were miles away. Like right now it started with her yesterday her ears feel like she is under water so i wake up today and boom my ears have not stopped??? Like i looked up twin flame and its on point. We both already had the karmic then we also had the false twin now are these the characteristics of the real twin??? Does this kinda stuff happen??? Please and ty

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I’m not sure how to help, except to perhaps suggesting meditating on it (or if you work with an entity/spirit with expertise in the love current/soul connection area to ask them?)

I myself have found this whole Twin Flame thing confusing with my own personal experiences. I don’t think mine is incarnated with me, plus I made a sigil to connect to “her” the way you would with a demon sigil and got a dream visit being told “I’m ready for a relationship, your not”…so yeah. Which is totally true.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s a very personal experience and really you are the only one who can find out what you need to regarding that. Just need to get past the ego/bias.

Yeah it happens. Obviously it’s happening to you.


All answers are within. why the heck do people always want answers outside themselves? let alone other people who don’t know what your experiencing. It’s subjective. It is what it is. There’s no need to understanding or think something is wrong. Stop being analysis paralysis. =o)


Where is the part that you need help? :thinking:


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