I need some help getting started working with Lilith

I really wanted to ask something as I am a beginner. is a sacred circle of protection enough to evoke an energy being (deity/spirit/demon)? because now it got to my attention that a triangle also exists… Where is the triangle good for and how is it different from a magical circle if I may ask…

When I call upon Bast I only cast a circle but now that I want to work with Lilith I don’t know if I need to cast both… I can’t really find if she is a demon/ spirit or a deity if you know what I mean? I heard that triangles are suppose to be for demons but I don’t know what information is correct and what type of sacred space I need to make before evoking her?

If someone who has experience with Lilith or can give me tips on how to approach her for the first time It would be super helpful as I don’t want to disrespect her.

The circle is for the magician, and the triangle is for the spirit.

In ceremonial magical traditions, the triangle is generally the place set aside for the spirit to appear, and it is not just for demons, but for all spirits, as it’s often seen as better to have the spirit stay in one spot, than to let it roam around.

In the grimoire tradition, the triangle is also used to bind the spirit with godnames as well, so it will obey the will of the magician (the grimoire tradition mainly evokes demons, which are seen as inimical to the magician).

However, there are many different types of triangles available nowadays, so you can now find ones tied to specific demons, like Azazel, that are more “politically correct” for LHP practitioners.

In her traditional Judaic lore, Lilith is considered to be a demon (one that operates with God’s permission), though modern demonolatry and anti-JCI bias has since elevated her to the position of goddess. However, as there is no historical evidence that she was ever seen as such, those who make that claim always try to tie her to other ancient goddesses, usually those of Sumer and Babylon, where the etymological roots of her name originated.

You can cast a circle, but I would not use a triangle. In my experience, she likes the freedom to prowl around. To evoke her, I simply opened one of the many seals attributed to her, and called. You can make an offering of some fruity red wine.


Thankyou very much, this clarifies a lot to me.

Does she likes blood offerings as well or is this too big of an offer for the first time? I don’t want to exaggerate

Yes thank you, I already felt like she might not like triangles. The thing is I live with another person in the house is it necessary to do a protection for my house mate while I do spirit work like this? I dont want to possibly influence my house mate with my spiritual work or a spirit.

I would not use blood right out of the gate. It is not necessary, and she may not want it. In my personal practice, I don’t offer blood unless the spirit directly asks, and so far, none of them have.

Ward your area so the energies are contained.