I 'Need' It

Hello yet again,

As I was sat waiting for a doctor’s appointment I happened to catch half of and episode of My Strange Addiction (at least I think that was the name). There was a young, pretty lady who was addicted to her stuffed lamb. So much so she could not let it out of her sight. Now whatever her reasons were, it’s beyond the point, however, it made me wonder about energy which we attach to objects.

Now it can be either conscious or subconscious, BUT… how much specific energy can we imbue an object with before it subdues us?
Or can we merely go to an antiques shop one afternoon and find a little painted box that is absolutely gorgeous and get so attached to it that we become dependent on it completely?

Can there be something possessing it or has someone imprinted themselves onto it to the point where it has gained a sort of control over our mind?
How would we recognise something like that? How dangerous is it?

Ah, so many questions. :slight_smile:

Have you ever encountered anything of the sort and if so - how have you dealt with it?