I need help

Hi,i need help to know what is wrong.Lately there seems to be a block in my attempts to evocation,i have a suspicion about a spirit,but i can not be sure.I need to know or confirm my suspicion,so i can know how to solve the problem.


Are you new to evocation? Often new people think their evocations aren’t working when they are. Maybe someone will do a scan for you. But doing a banishing ritual could help. You don’t need to know the exact problem to get rid of it, I don’t think. Just try to banish anything that is getting in your way, parasites and clingy spirits can latch on and effect your feelings and senses.


Ask for a scan here: Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps

Actually I think a spirit is upset with me, because when I started to practice magic and evoke it I made some mistakes, I think he’s trying to teach me a lesson?

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I need to find a way to solve this, because I need help with some things in my life, and everything is stopped, the whole thing is not going.

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And if it is the spirit that is blocking everything I already said that I was willing to apologize, so far no answer and no opportunity to apologize !!!

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Try preparing a ritual calling of the spirit in question, bring plenty of offerings, ask what you need to do to make up for whatever it is the spirit is upset about.

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I’ll try to do the ritual for him and see if that’s it, I hope he understands that the only time I have for this is in the daytime.

So what did you do to upset him?

When I evoked him I thought it was not working, I put it aside and tried to call another spirit. I sort of ignored him because I thought it was not meant to be and that I was trying to talk to the wrong guy. It was my first call to he and I could hardly call him in fact and talk about my obetivos.Mais I want to fix all this and apologize for being foolish!

Are you familiar with tarot? I asked him and did a reading.

I’ve never used any method of guesswork, I’ve only tried to evoke it

On a related note, how did you try to conjure him?

I used the sigil and tried to call by the name

Alrighty, here’s what I got.
I asked if you had done some wrong or offense, and if it was possible to make up for.
Simple three card spread, representing past circumstances, present circumstances, and future outcome.

Past circumstances: 9 of swords
A card of hurt, or grievous injury. Perhaps selfishness or hastiness.

Present circumstances: Queen of wands
The queen of wands is a kind, nurturing figure. Generous, patient, and caring. This seems to highlight Seere’s own behavior as a gentle hero.

Lastly, the outcome: 2 of cups.
This card is a sign of cooperation. A new friend or partner perhaps, and the growth of a healthy relationship.

I think a heartfelt apology and an offering would be in order, and he seems more than willing to let bygones be bygones. Hope this helps!

Fourth card up top is the nine of cups, Seere’s tarot association. I used it as a stand in.

Thank you very much, I’m in a hurry to ask for help to solve the bad situation that I put myself, I was very desperate I think, was to make a ritual to apologize to him and to the other spirit too.

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I will do 2 rituals to apologize. I believe it is the other spirit that is very angry with me because for this I was very stupid, I hope the 2 apologies

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Best of luck!
Hail Seere!


Once again thank you very much for your attention, time and patience !!!

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