I need help

I am trying to get started, but all I get is books to read. That is well and good, but I am overwhelmed. Another problem is that I don’t learn well that way. Can anyone mentor me? Or at least help me learn? I have so much ahead but I am at a standstill.

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I’m new just like you and I get overwhelmed with so many posts here, feel like I jumped on the train very late. Even if you get a mentor, s/he would ask you to read and research quite a lot, and also you will be more confident if you start from the bottom.

Self-reliance goes a long long way.

And @AdamThoth kindly offered to mentor in a post. You can try.


I will help you get squared away there soldier just pm me and I will have you talking to spirits and doing telepathy in no time. Cheers!


I don’t think I can pm at the moment, can you pm me first? Then I think I can respond.

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