I need help


bad news lol. I have THC in my system lol. I need to delay MEPS as much as I can have the help of a spirit do so😬.

Who’s an entity you have in mind that could help with delaying when my recruiter decides to send me to MEPS😬thank you guys

Why not just work on cleansing your system of thc instead. Probably easier for you to manifest than changing someone’s thought process.


Idk what proof is legitimate or not. Drinking a lot of water ect. I was gonna do both anyway. Work on myself and have a spirit kind of cover me.

You can go buy a detoxification drink any cleanse your system

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Where is the scientific proof that those actually work.

Look into the ingredients in the product and find it, it’s not usually given. Even finding out exact ingredients on some products can be difficult due to the chemical names being used.

Herbs like fennel seed while bad for your liver in large quantities can flush your kidneys and trigger a natural detox so.

I can’t see any scientific reason to believe they wouldn’t work, unless they weren’t using known plant material to achieve the result- in which case it’s as reliable as the scientist who synthetically at least tried to produce the same result from a material likely designed to mimic this reaction from nature/plants in our bodies.

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I also noticed now whenever I want a spirit for something specific I hear the specific name of a goetia entity. I keep hearing

“Paimon. Paimon. Paimon.” Or I’m going schizophrenic :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s not good if I’m becoming a marine :joy:

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My husband was a marine, and my dad was in the Veitnam war, so you are correct a sound mind will be difficult to maintain anyways, assuming you face any similar situations :slight_smile:

Lots of opportunities, but the challenges can be difficult imop as an outsider.

However, I experience the same thing when I’m going into ritual without plans of using spirits- at times. I’d assume he’s volunteering, unless you have reason to believe you should be checking your mind hard, or suspect that it’s not that for some reason.

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Yeah cause king paimon had saved me from homelessness multiple times. He has never failed me. It’s almost like king paimon is just like “ME I CAN HELP :smiley: “ lol. Maybe he could push back MEPS for a extra week or so :rofl:

Shouldn’t have smoked that blunt otherwise I wouldn’t have needed to make this thread to begin with😒

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Well, you are going to need to work on impulse control for sure, detoxing in time once probably won’t cut it :slight_smile:

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Hopefully I can detox in time for this tho. I meet with my recruiter next week to fill out paperwork. Then a few weeks after that I goto meps. I asked him next week on purpose so I can buy time.

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Go find it for yourself. I was just offering help not an argument.


No I know I appreciate the help I was js

Why not just delay going to the recruiter all together and wait until the THC is out of your system?? I was a Navy recruiter. At least back when, a potential recruit came to us, filled out paperwork, took a urine test there at the office, if they passed, an appt was made to go to MEPS to get the process started, they took tests, filled out more paperwork, swore in, etc. if they tested positive in the office we waved them off and told them to come back in 90 days.

If you don’t think you’re going to pass the urinalysis, why waste their time? You’re allowed to reschedule. Nothing is set in stone yet. If you’re serious about being a Marine, take the whole process seriously, and if you have to do your part and wait and flush the stuff out your system, then do what you have to do.

Work with a spirit known for healing comes to mind for some reason.

Good luck. I have a soft spot for Marines even though I was Navy. I trained with them for 6 months while I went to school to be an aircraft electrician and they kicked my ass six ways from Sunday. I was the only female in that class and they showed me no mercy and treated me like shit all the way up until it was my birthday, near the end of the course. They never spoke to me, ignored me when I asked a question, the list goes on. My birthday comes around and they all huddle on the other side of the room and then turn around and present a rose and ask if they can take me out for my birthday. I had the time of my life, those guys were great.

Sorry, I’m off topic, but I really hope you get in.


Kinda past that point I goto meps in like a month


You seem to have all the answers, so I have nothing else to add.

Good luck.


That’s why I was wondering what I could do in that one month

Weed is typically gone from your system after one month, so you may not need to do much of anything. Just don’t smoke any more between now and then.


If you are not a heavy weed user (like every other day) you could try intermittend fasting, to speed up the detox process.

Otherwise I would see this month as a test for your discipline. If you can’t go without smoking for this test, you probably should not take part in a professional career that relies on self-discipline.

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I could easily go a month without smoking. It’s just ik worried wether that’ll be long enough. I don’t smoke every other day. Or every day. For the past week or so it’s been like every few days

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