I need help

So I don’t have a lot of money. I want to work with gods and I know some gods want to work with me.
Like Thoth, Hermes, Mercury, and Loki. I believe that those gods are the same just different faces? I know that Papa Legba and Baron Samedi are calling me too.
It’s just that I feel bad when I do some witchcraft and there’s so many gods crammed in there. I don’t have money for alcohol so I just give them something that I can find.
Would the gods that I feel attracted to care that I am diagnosed with the brokeness?

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First off: To the best of my knowledge there is no such diagnoses as brokenness in any medical diagnostic book (such as the DSM—V) in existence so I have to suggest finding a better practitioner to diagnose you (a practitioner who used traditional diagnostic tools to assess your problems).

Now to address your question I doubt the entities in question will care about your brokenness other then caring about it for the purpose of addressing it and helping to heal you of it.

To address the question about multiple entities wanting to work with you, you probably should just pick the one you are most interested in to start working with (even if it’s not one of those )
entities that you say want to work with you as you can always work with them later if you want to work with them.

It’s generally speaking always a good idea to follow your gut instinct when (which I base off all my reading this and other websites) when it comes to choosing who to work with.

Entities are more likely to want to help you address those problems (whatever ones you have) then they are to push you aside and refuse to help.

All that having been said, definitely get second opinions on what I l’ve said because I am definitely a novice when it comes to magick and dealing with entities.

Add: I haven’t actually read the DSM-5 although I did read through the DSM-IV courtesy of my local library and I do not recall seeing brokenness as a diagnoses in it. (I know, I’m a ‘nerd’.As if it isn’t obvious seeing as I actually read the DSM- IV)


Hello! I think there was a misunderstanding. I meant that I am broke but I can see why you thought I meant something else.

But yeah, I believe you’re right in what you say. That I should just go for it and trust my instincts on what they’re telling me if I do work with them.

Thank you for the advice. I will contact them <3

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Offerings are gifts, and are never mandatory.

However, if you really want to make an offering, give the spirits something personal. A drawing, a song, or a poem, is a much better offering than alcohol or some fancy food stuffs because it is something you spent time and energy creating, so it has actual meaning, compared to merely pouring a glass of some wine you bought.

And don’t worry if you can’t draw or sing, or aren’t a poet. It is the effort you make to create something for the spirit that matters, not the end result. Just do your best, and they will very much accept it.

@norse900, for example, sings to several goddesses as an offering every morning while he commutes to work.


Aside from Mercury & Hermes which are pretty clearly related, I’m not quite sure why you believe those are all the same god.

From my own workings, I would never say that Loki is the same as any of these spirits. Thoth is distinct from the rest of these beings as well in many ways so I’m curious as to why you would group them all together. Just because spirits share something doesn’t make them the same.

Moving on…

Slow down. Work with one being at a time. One name=one being. It seems you are cramming a lot of spirits into one thing. When you recognize that spirits are not all the same as another spirit you’ll probably start to feel better.

You don’t need to offer alcohol. Sometimes it isn’t even appropriate. I would stop offering “whatever you can find” though. You don’t always need to make an offering, just be sincere with the spirits.

I have no idea what this means. If you’re trying to communicate something about an illness, I doubt any god would stop working with you because of it. If it’s about money, I still doubt they would stop working with you.

I think the gods will understand, many gods and goddesses were once men and women.

The epic point of every religion story is a god taking human form and learning the ordeals and effectively resolving them.

Pick one god/dess, as one other has suggested, and if you feel drawn to mercurial magic in its purest form, yes, many names comply to mercury/hod/samael. Think carefully before leaping into voodoo.

Dude incienso,juniper branches or the fruits,? Smell good,energy drink apples soda grape,etc Candi chips, anything ,they appreciate u effort

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Offerings can be as simple as a promise of public praise. I didn’t even think about singing as an offering until I read what darkestknight wrote that norse900 does that’s very smart similar to how people sing to Jesus in churches.

I’m not big on food as offerings myself unless I’m consuming the food myself as a nod to the entity. Leaving out food for entities is not my style although I’ve read threads where it has worked for others.

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