I need help with what happend (3rd eye)

I’ve been using guided meditations to help open my 3rd eye. I’m an empath and I am able to sense spirits, but I still have a ways to go. Usually with these meditations I’m able to totally relax and work on the 3rd eye area with no issues.

Last night was a much different story. I decided to try a different mediation and was actually enjoying it, able to relax and felt comfortable …until it was time to focus on the 3rd eye area. I was still in a relaxed state when I felt like someone was grabbing me by the shoulders and jerking me upwards (I was laying down). Oddly enough I was able to maintain my relaxed state through this but it would not stop. I ended up whimpering in discomfort at one point because it felt like something was not only jerking me upward but felt as if it was now punching me between the shoulder blades.

Why didn’t I stop? Because I was seeing faces with my 3rd eye. At first it was just bits and pieces (an eye, a mouth etc.) and then I saw actual faces, some kind and some definitely angry looking. I’ve never had this happen! Swirls of colors, vibrations etc. but not this.

I searched and searched but don’t see anyone else with something similar. Can anyone help me figure out what was going on? Was something trying to stop me from doing this? I’ve never had that reaction before but then again, I’ve never had that progress before either.


Did the punches hurt?

Did the encounter just stop after the meditation?

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If you feel that some one is there with you and you wan’t to kow ho it is. Then simply ask The spirit. And do not stop meditation becouse you got scared ore some thing. It is your right to open upp your senses. I am glad to see that some one got good luck in meditation on the spirit eye vision. :wink::grin:

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Yes there are things out there who will to stop you from achieving spiritual goals. I have theory they are physical and we just cant see them but maybe iam nuts. I was led to say, “i renounce all contracts.” When they were attacking me. Which is essentially what happened to you. They have not bothered me since.


Not so much painful as just extremely uncomfortable and left me sore (still currently slightly sore). And yes, it stopped as soon as I was done with the meditation.

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This reminds me of what Robert Bruce mentioned.
He explained about the distraction during the meditation time some people experience their name being called “Johny come down stairs we need to talk”
but when they check out to see if somebody called them nobody’s there.

Other people experience banging on the doors or Windows or a presence sometimes very loud noise and vibrations with in the body feeling uncomfortable like needles but all this Robert Bruce mention it’s not real it’s a “distraction” you can still meditate through it usually this happens before astral projection .
However you need to try and ignore this distractions, once you’re out of the body everything just stops or once the meditation stops the “distraction” also stops.

Your encounter however seems a little bit more real but it could also be a “distraction” but more intense for you.


Your vision of being shaken and seeing angry faces could be about your own unresolved internal conflict or potential conflict with others.

When spirits become this physical they can disturb with their violence, but attacking visions often show a way to resolution perhaps with people you might be in conflict with and something is trying to wake you up that some people you may know are not your friends but may be opponents in business or socially.

It happens. Sounds like you came close to projecting and a spirit decided not to let you. I call these screamers. Dont know how common they are, but i had one too.

You know that we have a “lot” of Enemies we humans. So yes some one was trying to scare you to stop doing what you where doing. I think you should try geting a protector “Guardian” please be safe.

Maybe it could be a sprit trying to tell you to sit up and meditate rather than lay down? :man_shrugging:t2: