I need help with MASSIVE gossip problem

Hello. I haven’t used this forum in a long time.

Straight to the point: I’m a very popular rapper in my country, to the extent that, for example, in total my songs have over 600 thousand likes.

Three of my ex-girlfriends, despite the fact that I treated them with respect and decency even after the breakup, they still behaved horribly. I was a perfect boyfriend. All three victimize themselves as much as they can to get attention because they like it. Their whole personality is that they were with me (two of them pretend they were with me, it wasn’t even that serious). They post embarrassing things about me for no reason. They take advantage of the fact that I am a soft, calm and unique person to mock me. All three make me feel horrible. They decontextualize messages from me to make me look like a weirdo. I’ve ignored for 3 months what’s going on, thinking it will fix itself, but it’s getting worse and worse.

There are dozens of groups on social media about me, filled with people wanting to hurt me and planning how to hurt me.
There are way too many kids who actually manage to cancel on me. They were brainwashed by three girls. All three girls know each other and planned this.
I thought people would stop gossiping about me if I ignored them and blocked them all, but it still gets worse and worse. I can’t just sit back and let them harass me, so I have to take action.

The situation is so bad that, for example, I met a girl a month ago who didn’t even know me before and after she started talking to me, she was texted by 65 people who tried to convince her that I was a bad person. Daily. She is very confused because she clearly sees that I am a good person and doesn’t understand why she gets bullied just because she supports me.

Now it’s too late for a freezing spell, there are too many people. There are thousands of people who are really trying to hurt me. I can’t ignore it anymore, as it is starting to affect my daily life. I don’t even want to post all the evidence that I’m innocent because I’m a diplomatic man and I really don’t want it to seem like it’s bothering me. That’s what they want. My attention. I don’t want fans who don’t know what this is about to know about the scandal.

People ruin my life for no reason. They torture me and all I did is spreading love, but now I have a lot of hate inside me that can always be converted into disastrous curses. But maybe there is a more effective way to get rid of these people and this gossip?

I was thinking of petitioning President Glasya-Labolas (I felt attracted to him for some reason) to get rid of those who are the source of this suffering. But through divination, I feel this method is far too violent and unfair. It could work tho.

  1. What would you have done in my place?
  2. How do I get rid of all the gossip?
  3. What demon would help me end the scandal and get everything back to normal?

I have been reading a lot through the forum. I learned about:

  • Zagan (to idle gossip)
  • Alloces (can bind someone to prevent them from doing harm)
  • Raum (can be called upon to turn gossip against the gossip teller, so they look stupid and distrustful to friends)
  • Naberius (to fix the damage caused by this person so that you are seen in a good light)
  • Archangel Michael (“silence gossip” and “bind bullies that seek to harm you.”)
  • Keliel (when your enemies think about you, they will experience confusion, making them unwilling to fight you and stop spreading fake information)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


You could add Andromalius to the mix, he is really good with exposing the doings of people who wish to harm you. In your case it would probably be a good idea to expose the main source of this gossip (namely the three women) as the liars that they are. If they slip on their own fabricated stories they might be forced out of the limelight, for their own damage control.

Ask Andromalius to expose their lies to the public eye/the groups they are adressing.


Most people don’t think of shielding and protecting themselves before they go public, oblivious to these dangers :woman_facepalming: All Hollywood actors, polititians, pop singers, etc got occultists working for them and keeping them protected.

First, cleanse yourself off external influences and perhaps even others’ magick. You can call upon Vine for this.

Then, do the 33-day protection ritual from the Magickal Protection book. Also get used to doing the Sword Banishing every day, several times a day.

Then, proceed to bind your enemies so they can’t cause you harm anymore.

It will take time for you to see results though, but if you’re persistent and faithful, in a year from now you’ll be in a much better place.

Be careful not to do rituals to avoid being seen or to make your enemies lose interest in you, because your popularity could drop greatly.

Neutralize. Then you will find yourself at a lower spot… and then you work your way back up again. If you give up or grow discouraged at any time of the process, they’ll win.


Which ritual would you recommend to use to bind?


You can use poppets representing specific people, you can bury them. You can make jars to nullify, bind, and freeze. You can use graveyard dirt… so many ideas!


How do 65 people hate you
That’s literally insane


Omg, read this make my blood boiling!

If i was you yes i will do that to bind bullies and gossip + expose the gossiper but also send many curse to each of them. Search 65 people who bullies me, targeting each of them to become my magick experiment, ruin their subtle bodies and implant parasite on their body. Also not forget to send curse who make they family hate them, their friend hate them, and eventually send curse about mental health to them (vk jehannum have some rite about this stuff) and make them broke so they cant afford professional help, infuse suicide thought to them to jump on train example (theres is technique to manipulate someone mind in this forum)

Well if im in good mood maybe i will stop at the expose the gossiper or make them just become my magick experiment (curse of course) and forgive them but not want give up with many lab rats i get, maybe i will make servitor to steal their abundance, luck, health, and spiritual energy and transform my bad luck, bad energy to them, imagine get lifetime energy supplies from 65 people.


I’m not OP but I’m interested in this one. Any suggestions, spirits, or ideas on how to curse a target with that?

Thank you! I was thinking about this but I’m not sure he will accept. I feel it’s my fault I’ve been talking to such crazy people, but I’ll ask him through tarot and if he agrees to help, I’ll write a petition!

I thought I’m protected. The conditions I placed behind the fame magick were perfect.

Thank you! Will do!

No. 65 don’t hate me. 65 people messaged my friends just to make them hate me. Now the number went up to 99+. The number of people that hate me is probably > 2000

I love your ideas. I might make a vampiristic servitor that steals the life energy from people who want to harm me.

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U can use mars energy to cause hatred amongs a group of people so they will wars against each other and maybe add some ritual/spell with Jupiter energy to expanding the wars become bigger.

In book Abaddon : angel of the abbyss by EA Koeating and others theres is some rite to curse your enemy to get hates from friends and family. With harness energy or working with Kali, Durga, Pomba Gira, and Abaddon through invocation.

Angels of wrath by Gordon winterfield have some ritual for this specific curse too through working with angel Shomiel.

Also demon who can help with this is Andras.


I tried the one from Angels of Wrath but I haven’t had success with that book so far.

I also thought of calling upon Andras or Raum for it, but I only used the DoM method (which hasn’t worked for me so far either).

I called upon Bune recently for money matters my own way (sigil, enn, candle, incense, etc) and I felt the connection was a lot better than I ever achieved with DoM.

Andras and Raum are different though… their energy is aggressive, definitely not as benevolent as calling upon Bune or Seere, which are known to be far friendlier.

Should I have any extra care or anything before calling upon them?

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I love this kind of smoke. I’m sending you a PM of what I’d do. I’ve done it before and it works.


Actually i never work with Andras so i dont know anything about him except his speciality, i barely never send a baneful magick except to one animal abuser where i just remove his defensive and make him blind spiritualy never check on him after that. Sorry i cant help but i think maybe you just use your own method if it feels right for you. Good luck

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Raum to bust up cabals and deal with gaslighting leaders.
Forneus to restore your reputation.
Eligos to give you support from high society and the authorities.


Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest:

Ebuhuel for protection from bad luck, create peace in a group, end conflict.
Tabatlu to build a loyal audience, end a fight, bring compassion to an enemy.

You can use these to benefit you and you can also invert the meaning of the rituals to act against your targets.


Hey, since you mention the AoO book, did you try them? What results did you achieve?

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I’ve used other rituals in the book than the ones I just suggested and yes I had results although that was quite a while ago. The money and business boost rituals brought me the biggest results, and some of the confidence building ones too. There’s a lot to choose from in there and a few different ways to work with it. Definitely worth looking into :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ask your spirit guide. May peace be upon you.

I was just thinking of working with Labusi these days. Would you recommend them?

I remember doing the pathworking with Tulatu a few months ago, but didn’t really see any results. I did see him, though. It was a lovely presence, not at all as scary as I read the AoO can be.

Perhaps the sigils/glyphs could work better for me?


@anon6645274, Yes go for it. What I asked of Labusi definitely came through and I became busier with work than ever before to the point where I had no time for anything else and no need to worry about money in the bank.

It was work, work, work and money, money, money. Which, for me came with plenty of exhaustion and a lack of mental clarity to make any other corrections.

I did some things with Tulatu that at the time I wasn’t sure if it had a lot of impact but on reflection now, I’m thinking it did shift things into a more manageable state. When I thought the results were a little tame there were probably other areas that that needed improvement that I missed in my observations.

With Labusi, I had a clear route for the possibility of results, could clearly see the potential and I was up and ready for action, all I needed there was agreement from other people to let the work and money flow to me and it all happened.

I did the pathworking as well as the glyphs, the author says you can do it either way and not necessary to do both but I did and maybe that added more oomph to the results.

The last time I used the book I tried mixing up some of the glyphs to aim an intention differently than described and had some iffy energy coming out of it but overall I found the process and the book safe to use and comforting.

To the OP, @nul, I noticed quite a lot in that book that you might find useful to correct your situation.

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