I need help training my astral muscles

I can pop out of my body now (finnaly)
But I can’t move and see what can I do?
How do i move my astral body?
Oh and when I asked Lucifer to help me he sang this to me


I feel like what i’ve been doing has been Lucid dreaming rather than astral projection and now I’m finnaly getting it.

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I got this song too when I asked him. Can you describe how you are out but not able to move?


I began by laying down.
I perform void meditation as a platform to leap into the astral
Afterword at some point I "pop out my body"
Your ears will actually pop and I feel like I’m floating.
Problem is I cant see or Move…
I just was paralyzed

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I was also given this song and had passionflower tea pop into my head. I’ve heard that you can simply ask for clarity and you will receive it. Right now I’m stuck at the vibrations stage myself, I tend to jump back into normal mindset as soon as this happens. The movement seems to be about getting a good feel for your astral body and willing or imagining it to happen without jarring your physical body.

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One of the best articles I have read on that

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Sounds like the astral equivalent of muscle atrophy o.O

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Lol i dunno bout all that