I need help to sell my soul to Satan

Lol you can astral project without selling your soul, I do it all the time

Teach me how to become a Satanist and to do a ritual to talk to Satan face to face(Fyi I am new to Satanism don’t mock)

Yeah but the power still comes from Satan. Supernatural powers are either God or Satan only.

I’m not a satanist and i work with Lucifer, not Satan, so I won’t be much help, I’m sorry, I just listen to him and do the rituals and meditations he wants me to and make adjustments when necessary.

Um…well not really. Humans have a lot more abilities than Christianity has led on. So technically these powers don’t come from either. They come from self.


Lol! Don’t take it personally. If you had searched the forum for how to sell your soul, you would have seen this idea is generally mocked but also debated.

Teach yourself like the rest of us do. Start with the tutorials here, get a book or few and work through it.


Are you sure?


Magickal power comes from within, from what most would probably call soul. Various entities can help you strengthen it, but the initial power comes from within.(Not just Satan and “God”, I for example primarily work with Hekate)


This 100% ^^^^^


You are rude. You must be thinking I am stupid because Idk much about Satanism knowledge. You are ignorant. Magic, supernatural powers, spirits etc are from Satan or God only. There are no other supernatural forces.

Just to add my two cents, as others have said powers don’t strictly come from God or Satan. I primarily worked with the Morrigan until recently, and she taught me how to do a lot, even if I didn’t realize at the time she was. The “powers” as you call them aren’t always from outside sources, they’re in you.

With all due respect, if you did you wouldn’t be here asking. You seem to be approaching this from a black and white perspective (God and Satan), but the truth is nothing is just black and white. There are no absolutes.


Okay sensitive, I never stated that you were stupid or anything along the lines of that. If you would have read Lady Eva’s thread that she tagged you would have quickly found your answer. No sense in sitting here arguing with you so I’ll make way and I hope you find what you’re looking for. :ok_hand:


No one here has called or even intimated you are stupid. Ignorant yes. Stupid no. Ignorance can be corrected with knowledge…stupid can’t be fixed. Black and white thinking is extremely common when just leaving a religion youve been invested and tied up in for a long while. But you’re young and have a ways to go, as we all do, in learning the occult mysteries. My suggestion. Be humble and take on a student mindset. You came here to learn, not bicker and try and prove a point.


Your approaching this in the wrong way, these people are trying to help you and you seem to be a person that never take advice. Please be matured.


I think to start off with, you should have communication with Satan by talking to him every day. Say hello to him and share your thoughts and concerns. Tell him about anything good that happens to you.

Open yourself up to him and let his energy fill your whole body up. Meditate on his name and let the energy flow, breathing it in, and connecting with him closely. Do it often and he will become a part of your life :slight_smile:

I have spoken to him many times and he answers my questions in his own awesome way. I didn’t have to sell my soul or anything. I just needed to let him into my life.

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You may freely believe what you wish, however, be aware that people on this forum will have different beliefs, and also the experience, and results from successful magick, to back those up.

Once, a long time ago, there was a wise Zen master. People from far and near would seek his counsel and ask for his wisdom. Many would come and ask him to teach them, enlighten them in the way of Zen. He seldom turned any away.

One day an important man, a man used to command and obedience came to visit the master. “I have come today to ask you to teach me about Zen. Open my mind to enlightenment.” The tone of the important man’s voice was one used to getting his own way.

The Zen master smiled and said that they should discuss the matter over a cup of tea. When the tea was served the master poured his visitor a cup. He poured and he poured and the tea rose to the rim and began to spill over the table and finally onto the robes of the wealthy man. Finally the visitor shouted, “Enough. You are spilling the tea all over. Can’t you see the cup is full?”

The master stopped pouring and smiled at his guest. “You are like this tea cup, so full that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me with an empty mind.”

Source: Your teacup is full (Empty your cup) – Bengt's Notes


No, you don’t. I know what I’M talking about, because I actually speak to demons AND angels.

You are misunderstanding on how any of this works, but I’ll give you a hint. Souls aren’t sold. They aren’t. Satan doesn’t need your soul, he can MAKE souls.

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I am. I am looking for guidance to sell my soul to Satan, become a Satanist and get him to fulfill my desires

Fulfill your own desires. You’re weak, purge it.

Nobody is helping me…