I need help, tips and tricks on how to create or maybe help me create a servitor with a specific task

Hi im new to this with thoughtforms, so i wonder if some of you have tips and tricks on how to create a servitor or other thoughtform that can become specialised in astral worlds. i need to make one that can send messages and receive messages from parallel universes and also gather and send information and knowledge to and from parallel universes, and it would also be good if it could go to very specific universes. i want it to feed on the energy from uninhabited universes or galaxies when it have completed a task and go into hibernation until i need it again. Do anyone have some tips on this and experience in this.

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You can do so by writing down what you want the server to be capable of doing, how long it’ll last if you want it permanent, temporary, what it sustains itself off of, either your energy or ambient energy or any external source, or have it feel off the attention you give it.

Use that as it’s layout, maybe even make a sigil for it to return to when it’s in hibernation.


The best, most effective servitor I ever made was created to help plants grow. My neighbor’s wife split on him, and all of their porch-full-of-plants were languising. I felt bad for the plants but didn’t know how to care for them so I made a servitor out of a tiny action figure I found in my yard. I named it Ol’ Tom Ivy, wrote a song to him that described what his function was. I put him in one of the pots by day, and would put him away at night. Every time I put him in one of the plants I would sing his song to him. The health and growth of the plants was both immediate and extravagant. So the take-aways here I guess, would be the material form, the song, and the detailed duties. Also, in my mind I built up a detailed mythology about how he had always existed in one form or another, etc, and would often imagine the different adventures he’d had. All of that was to build up his anima; expound his life force as it were. Hope that helps.