I need help figuring a Lilith puzzle out. Is anyone on here by the name Martin trying to reach he

A few days ago, I went to bed as arachnid Lilith. Woke up as Lilith. My 1st soul travel was with Lilith. Soul travel for me as a human is hard, but as Lilith, I go anywhere. It’s crazy.

Anyway, so yesterday during a soul travel with her that didn’t exactly go like I wanted it to, I ran into a slim tall black guy by the name Martin. I’m tryna fig out who this Martin is. We seemed to know each other n he could tell i wasn’t impressed about what had happen.
Do we have anyone on here trying to work with Lilith by the name Martin? PM me if u feel comfortable. It’s driving me nuts.


Perhaps you should reach out to Lilith, ask who Martin is, and how he portrays or will portray in your life. After all, talking to Lilith is your best option instead of trying to figure out all on your own.