I need food for 2 kids. Been 18 months

I have done L. Rofocale and Bune. If im not too good with sigil gazing i just try meditatate around their contact.
I lately tried money square and finding bills.
I cannot even sell online ads but I dont market them well due to stress and low energy, may be for same reasons, it is why my magick do not work well.
Im not yet developed astrally.
I need anything money for desperate and abused family.
2nd year we havent bought clothes, no school, always kids watch as we get expelled like dogs coz of even $90 rent or less.
Amazing kids i must say but i deal with suicide attempts en more
Thanks for teaching me in advance

Pls note our issues didnt come as poverty issues. Its intentional state attack to us. So if i get a bit of money ill go to free legal organisations for help.
Thanks guys

Belial, Agares and Dolius. Search BALG for their info and sigils.

I recommend Belial. He is good at cutting through the “red tape” and B.S. And, Agares will advocate for you, speeding things along. @Lady_Eva also recommends Dolius. He helps with government benefits.


Mercury Dolius info here:

Also try this:


Spirit Ahl’far’dhan this spirit bring, food, water and shelter.


I will send something your way but try to work on your stress.

I suggest you try saint expedite for quick cash, he’s great for that. All you need is a picture of him, a candle and glass of water. When he brings the money, give him his offerings as fast as possible. This video explains how to work with him. There are many YT videos about him…

Once you perform the ritual, focus all your effort to find a source for money to allow magick to work… magick needs a path to produce results, even if it seems highly unlikely, whatever it is, try it.

Sometimes when we got nothing to lose, we take risks that we wouldn’t normally take, and that brings opportunities and results we would never imagine were possible.



Have faith that the spirits you work with are helping you help yourself.


Thank you very much guys and apologies for not responding promptly.
I had immediately implement advice given and i grew in strength made changes.
I did pay my rent for the first time in a very long time. I intend climbing to better heights.


Thats great!


I wanna focus on my online freelance/remote gigs as an editor but its usually quiet for months :frowning:
I’ll challenge magic and turn Fiverr clients around though.

Thanks again guys


Really glad that you are better💜
I wish you the Best!

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I’d also recommend Santa Muerte. She loves children & I’m sure she can help you. I didn’t even ask for money & she gave me a bunch quickly as a present. Good luck! Hugs!


As far as your astral development, I do have a meditation that would help with that.


Won’t help with money, but will give you the ability to better work with spirits and energies, which can be used to get money.


Thanks from the bottom of my heart

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Thanks love :blush:

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I think hecate loves children too.

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And She can help with magick

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I started with her and abandoned her unintentionally and now m trying to reconnect. Thanks hey

Angel Phorlakh once got me a job in 3 days :slight_smile:

Try sigil gazing or Write a petition letter to him :slight_smile:


Wow ill research about him straight away.
My daughter too is doing lots of angel work but is discouraged.
I told her to start asking for her personal needs not money. … Like food, phone, schooling etc