I need femur bone

Does anyone know where I can get a male femur bone? The boneroom is sold out and another place I called said I needed to have a license as a medical researcher

that’s a good question. and i don’t have an answer. i just want to comment how great it would be to go to india and spend some time with one of them Aghori types.
for them it is essential to obtain a skull.

i feel pretty incompetent as a white city boy when i fantasize about obtaining a human bone or a skull.

Unfortunately femur bones are really hard to find. They sell a lot of skulls at the bone room. Any where from 800 to 1500. Idont want to go take one from the cemetery. Its funny because your not robbing it. Your asking the spirit if you they want to come with you.

As silly as it sounds, Amazon. I forget the sellers name, I want to say international something or another, sells real and replica bones. I’ve bought from them a number of times and no need to have a medical license. I’m not sure what pieces they have as I’ve usually bought small things like finger bones to grind down to bone powder.

Dude there literally everywhere. Either cut your room mates off when he sleeps or head over to the nearest graveyard.

above post was totally a joke hope you find your femur bro goo luck also ask a demon to source one for you sure yuoud find it much faster with his help.