I need feedback on experiences on African spirits being used to send magic back

I met an amazing mage who has helped me a lot so far and recently we did a return to sender spell last week for returning curses black magic with proper sacrifices and all.This is the first time I have worked with African spirits (under strict supervision).

Has anyone else done this? How quickly did the spirits manifest and what indications did you get before a result occurred.I am trying not to lust after results here but I am hoping justice will be done by nature and spirits soon as the damage to my situation has increased a lot.

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African spirits work fast. How fast depends upon which spirit you are working with.

I know it has been a long time… but I am interested in the topic and I need to learn more about African spirits.

Are you experienced with African spirits, have you worked with them?

Hi @The_Seeker1, the person to whom you’re responding is not an active member of the forum. If you would like information on African spirits, you can try using the search function, or start a new topic so the members here can assist you.

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