I need advice, got a weird situation going on with someone

So, as some of you know, me and my parents have been trying to move out for months. Things recently fucked up with our buyer because she was accused of fraud in the business.

Well, recently i found out this woman is a high priestess and does light and dark magic. Shes well known online and has been on a few tv shows (i won’t say who it is for privacy reasons, but i saw her on tv once as well) . before shit went down, i did a spell to bind her from backing out of the offer by using a candle that was wrapped in spiderweb along with some herbs. Im not sure if this was hella potent or what, but this woman now is not letting go of us. Shes filing lawsuits against her agent, playing the blame game, and just a whole crock of other fuckery going on.

My mom has done a lot of protective magic to make sure this lady doesn’t do any magic back on us, but its not like the lady has slowed down on the mundane crap.

I feel like its sort of my fault because of the spell i did. I put out as much energy as possible when i did it cause im fucking desparate to change my living situation.

Whether or not its my fault for it, what can i do to reverse this particular spell?

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Try a cord cutting ritual. If that fails, then petition a deity, if you’re close to one. Otherwise, you’re going to have to find your energy in/on her and unravel it, right?

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High priestess of what?

You can only get as much help and expertise as you can give specificity about the antagonist’s praxis.


She is initiated into multiple things, such as Palo Monte and an esoteric christian thing along with some others i can’t remember. She tries to make herself look like she’s all love and light at first but i can tell that it isnt truly just that even my realitor got scared of her.

You do need insight on her practice. The spiritual practices and beliefs of someone at a high spiritual level can cause your efforts to backfire - specifically because it seems you tried direct magick/witchcraft. Direct magick can work great but can be tricky and sometimes less effective based on your abilities, energy levels, and mindset. Witchcraft based mentalism or low/direct magick are great at times but you need help with this bitch. If you have experience with evocation I would recommend calling in external forces directly for help. One of the 9 Goetic Kings for instance. Belial is great for influencing people who have authority over you, which in this instance she does.
Do some research - remove yourself from the equation - don’t lust for results - evoke a spirit for help - I RECOMMEND BELIAL


Okay now that’s some shit we can work with;

Palo ain’t a loveandlight hippie bullshitfest by a damn sight; It’s an old, badass invocational shamanism through which an experienced practitioner can call forth the powers of darkness, light, and most shit in between to fix shit most any way they see fit.

Tampered with the spiritual and mental discipline and control of esoteric Christianity, if you’re speaking truly and accurately and she’s genuinely initiated in the real deal this is not an occultist to be fucked with. And I don’t mean this disparagingly but you’re not liable to hold a critter like this down with a candleworking, nor are you very likely to enjoy the retribution even if by some apeshit miracle you do, because at some point she’ll figure out she was screwed with somehow and work a return to sender. You’re in a pickle worth thoroughly fixing, because the ass biteback potential here is very, very high.

So make sure I have the timeline right here, flash out any important and/or outstanding details and correct me where I’m wrong

  1. Your parents put the house up
  2. Badass witch makes an offer
  3. You cast something on her hoping to lock her into a close
  4. Her agent dumps her for alleged fraud history
  5. Your spell works, she’s now going batshit on her agent.
  6. Presumably this is somehow obstructing your parents’ ability to entertain new offers on the house?

Help me better understand 6) and also please help me understand EXACTLY what you did for your rite at 3)

I’ll try and spitball something helpful from there


You got pretty much all that right, with number 6 though, we have a bunch of people wanting to see the house now but the thing is sudden sickness has come onto all of us in the house. I didnt want to instantly assume it was her doing because of the pandemic but who knows (its nothing severe btw but it prevents people from coming over in case its coronavirus) im the only one that has mainly a stuffy nose and dizziness but my parents havent had it as decent.

As for my spellcasting, it was awhile back (april) i used a yellow birthday candle (i didnt have any other candles at the time so i had to improvise) i began to collect spiderweb, wrapping it around the candle (i had a spider that used to be in my room that happened to leave a good amount for me to use) then i spent time meditating and holding that webbed candle, visualizing her bound to buying the house (my intents binding her like the webs around the candle) and i pushed all that energy into the candle. I then put it into a holder and i sprinkled cinnamon around the candle, as i lit up the flame i called forth the element of fire to set my intents to motion and i lit the candle. I let it burn all the way down and when it went out i said aloud “the spell is now done” as the smoke rose up.

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Also despite the fact that everything’s changed with the situation shes still bugging like claiming she’ll get the money she needs to buy this place which looks shady asf.

Alright. Well it’s a shame she likes your house that much and the close didn’t go through.

At this stage what I’d do is run divination checks with the following queries:

-Has the witch casted anything?

-Is your current case of the sniffles a result?

-Will further harmful casting be attempted if and when the house sells to someone else?

-Am I in danger of a baneful return to sender?

Hopefully it’s the sniffles, it clears up, everybody moves on. If your pulls/casts/swings/scrys/other come back looking grimmer from there, shoot me another msg here or otherwise my DMs are open. @Deathcrush


Will do. Thanks a lot. Luckily my dad just got an answer about a covid 19 test and its negative. So at least i know whatever we’re all feeling isnt as dangerous

Ok so u family want to sell house,? You want her to buy it. Not problem. I dnt see any magick issyes here, if its the land, tat issue try Josephine McCarty, book exorcism she has some good spells there, even land magic.

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