I need a Magickal Mentor. You want to be a badass guitar player. Please help! Lol

Look I need a mentor but I have no money. That’s a great opening line right? What I do have is mad guitar and music skills. Been playing since I was seven. Since I’m a master at my craft I would like a mentor who can guide me and will actually BELIEVE my story about Azazel contacting an agnostic former Christian randomly, then proceeds to have dialog and leveled my enemies by overseeing my intention using sigil magick. Below is me jamming at my 30th birthday eleven years ago on about an eightball of coke and two bottles of Jack. I no longer use cocaine or drink whiskey but I had to explain why I’m in my boxers at first lol. Please would a wise open minded mage come forward and trade vocations with me? I need help. I can turn you into a shredder.
Included are also original tunes I’ve written over the years. I wrote and played most of them myself.

Listen to Dark, Evil, Sex by Joshua Fields 3 #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Blindside by Joshua Fields 3 #np on #SoundCloud


I’m bumping this for you, seems like a good offer.

Good luck

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Tgank you


Damn it lol

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Thanks bud I got a case of the stupids today lol

Hey dude I’m not good enough to be your mentor but if you research hard it’s pretty easy to get new info and learn this shit, and the best mentors are demons like King Paimon and Lucifer is establishing a pact wit one of them will greatly help ya. Btw sick shredding man!


Thank you buddy.

President Foras is a kind teacher. Maybe check out the various sigils when you’re ready, as a preliminary guide.

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