I Need a little insight on something

Hi,I’m new here,my name is Gabriel and I need some info,some time ago I was reading some books on occultism because I like the topic and I saw some vampiric rituals of some kind,the thing is,My friend Matheus became interested in the book and even more in the rituals and a week ago he told me that he did a Ritual that was in the book the thing is,he did whitout research and now he is telling me that he fells weird and things like that,the ritual in question is this:

The following ritual symbolizes a solitary and isolated awakening to a Vampiric state, and a self-initiation to the Left Hand Path. It is a ritual that can be adapted or changed according to one’s circumstances or inspiration. As with any magical ritual, each one must take his or her own risk, already knowing that a practice such as this is not suitable for the unstable or immature.

0 - Preparatio

Black robe.
Black candle.
Chalice with reddish liquid.
Place: A place where you will not be disturbed.
A dark chamber, or painted or covered in black or similar (e.g. very dark blue). Or a remote forest. The choice is yours.

Clothing: the ideal is a black robe. The idea is that you become the very model of the vampire that exists in your mind. Pay attention to each of your senses: perfume, clothing, music, offerings.

Strike nine bells. Nine, in Black Magic traditions, symbolizes dynamic evolution to perfection.

Light the black flame.

I - Invocatio

"On this dark night, I become a Vampire: a master of life and death. I light the Black Flame in honor of the Prince of Darkness, and become the Vampire my mind creates, burning with passions in pursuit of all that I desire. I abandon the restrictions of the Way of the Right Hand, and with Will I dedicate myself to controlling my own destiny. I now face the trials and tribulations of the Left Hand Path!

I am filled with Power with the Essence of the Vampire: to be invisible, even in the heat of the day; to know when to be silent, and when to pray; to know how to fully explore my psyche!

I get rid of this curse! I, the Vampire (name,) walk the Path of the Left Hand, and my Will is impenetrable! I honor the Blood, which is my Life, and I become more than smoke and shadows.

Open the Gates of Hell! Before the noble presence of the Dark Lord, I proclaim the Oath that makes me a Vampire, I swear to be true to my own Self and my chosen Path Hail, Vampire! Hail, Dark Lord!"

II - Grail Nigrum

The Cup is the Black Grail, or the Heretical Cup: the one that is always sought, but rarely found. The Grail must be filled with red liquid, symbolizing blood, such as tomato juice, berries, or wine. Sangria is a great elixir! While drinking the elixir, visualize yourself taking hold of the Powers of Darkness. You are communing with your own essence, and the Vampire that is part of the divinity within.

III - Closing the Gates of Hell

Close the ritual by ringing the bell again, nine times.

IV - The awakening

Now, initiated into the mysteries of the Vampires, you can see the world with different eyes. After the first ritual, you may have some insights into the nature of this magic and your control over it, and how to shape your destiny. However, some practice may be necessary.
(Sorry if misspelled Something, I’m Brazilian and had to translate all of it)

So,I can’t say I believe in this bullshit that Matheus did,but he’s telling me that he fells the urge to drink blood and all this,I just want to know if he’s just going through some kind of placebo effect or if he did really call something from the depths

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