I need a help evoking/making a pact with Dantalion

Thank you- I’ll give it a read!

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Don’t waste your effort and resources on making pact with any of them. You will walk out of that deal much worse than you started. The only thing they have to offer is illusions and pain. It may not start out that way…but it’s certain to end that way

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Based on what exactly? Many folks here and elsewhere have made pacts with all kinds of spirits for great benefit to themselves. It is not “certain” to end in illusions or pain. Not even close.


Read this

And there is much more. Just type Study in the forum search engine and you’re done.

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I tried evocating vapula 2 weeks ago.

I am yet to see drastic changes when I study but it might be too soon to conclude too. Things are noticeably better but this could easily brought upon by a change in perspective too.

I am now thinking of doing possession if it would not take too long to learn.

Nevertheless, do update us.

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In my personal experience it always does, and with others I know. There may be some benefit at first, but eventually…how ever long that may be…things will not go in your favor. Just be careful, don’t bite off more than you can chew

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Well my response to that is that you need to develop more experience in magick before attempting things such as a pact. They may always fail for you personally, sure…but they don’t always fail for the rest of us. According to yourself not even a year ago yet, you have very little experience with magick:

Frankly, you don’t have nearly enough experience in magick to make declarations such as “pacts always fail.” I’m sorry but there’s no sugarcoating that. They sometimes fail, sure…but always? No lol. If you put in the time and the work, you’ll find that pacts are generally quite beneficial to a practitioners development. I’ve been doing this for years now, it rarely ends badly unless you break the pact…and even then its often possible to make amends.


You may be right, but I still stand by what I said. In the end, it’s only going to result in loss

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