I need a healing ritual suggestion ASAP

Hello everyone,

I usually try & be positive, & upbeat in my posts, sharing rituals/success stories, or look for spells that I can do to aid others or myself

However this post is going to be a little heavier…

Yesterday, & today I have had serious cardiac issues. My chest would tighten, & I would become short of breath, to the point where I would stop breathing several times

The ER couldn’t find anything wrong in my blood, or 12 lead, & (I’m negative so I know it’s not the thing that shall not be named) however that doesn’t mean my heart is okay, sometimes the EKG can read normally but something serious comes up later.

I’m looking for a spell to help aid me in healing through this

I appreciate everything any of you have that could help

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Archangel Rapahel


Draw his sigil and zone out staring at it
Call his name
“Raphael come to me”

Listening to any meditations like what’s in the link will connect you

Green or white candle.


Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate this!!

Hm there is a simple healing meditation that I have been experimenting with.

Basically you take a few deep breaths, and get yourself in the zone. Settle into a comfortable asana for yourself. Once you are comfortable, you are going to keep on breathing until you feel a shift in consciousness. Next, direct your attention to the place that needs healing. Breathe in. Picture the spot getting better, in perfect health. Breath out. See the sickness fade away. Push it out of you with the breath. Breathe in, focus on the spot. See it get healthier, feel it working like it should. Do this for 10- 15 mins, twice a day for optimal results.

Your energy, power, chi goes where you place your attention. Coupled with the intent to heal, it should help you out. It is a simple meditation, deceptively so, but I have used it to great results with physical injuries, like burns, cuts, etc. Things just heal faster.

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Thank you very much!! I’ll give this meditation a try as well!!

Are you able to chant?

If so, you could visualise your heart wrapped with @Lady_Eva’s Raphael chant.


If you like the use of psalms, you can recite Psalm 69: 1 and the following: Save me, Oh God, for the waters have entered into my soul.

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When my chest wall isn’t spasming I’m able to yes, & thank you so much for this!!

I’ll read into it, & try this as well!!


I use Psalms during certain planetary rituals, but thank you for this!! I’ll keep this in mind too!!

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I was given this healing mantra by the Queen of Heaven (Inanna):

"It is the Queen of Heaven that heals me,
It is the power of Heaven that heals me.
I am healed by the Queen of Heaven
I am healed by the power of Heaven. "

Repeat this as many times as you can manage and imagine a white light descending from heaven, suffusing your being and healing you. You should visualise the affected parts being transformed by the white light and appearing healthy. It has worked for me in the past.

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Thank you so much for this!!

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