I might have found the key to the truth of reality

I have been reading and finding out about many spiritual healers and charmans from Germany and India for over 7 years.

many spiritual healers from Germany report that our existence began in the spiritual, many tell that we are divine consciousness with the task of protecting all life in order to maintain the divine balance in order to do justice to God’s tasks.

a popular spirit healer from Germany by the name of Sananda who originated in Austria reports that genetics and that our DNA has been manipulated so that we do not pose much danger at these levels of existence.

there are very many races in the spiritual realm: Reptilians, Dracoloids, Mantis and Light Beings of the 5 ranks followed by Indigo, Starseeds and Pleiades, Santinians

among men there are people with a soul and people without a soul.

it is also said that we have our existence in the future and have traveled into the past which constitutes our present here, coming back to assist Earth (Gaia) in Ascension.

these dark beings that we call demons have souls and another portion of them have no souls.
most of them have good intentions and other selfish intentions.
it is also said that God and the creative beings of light never consented to the creation of demons.

the people who have a soul have created these demons through incarnation through their thoughts and their emotions, since then the dark beings try to incarnate here in physical bodies through tricks and blinding to enslave the divine souls to their existencehide.

all human sacrifices and blood sacrifices then arose to worship the demons and their princes and to join them.

in the scene of the spiritualists it is said that all so-called demonic kings and queens are false gods who lie to us humans (true gods in the flesh) and blind them to maintain their power.

if we now look at all the gods in the history books from each pandeon, we will eventually find that they have no creative powers, and if they help us then it is always just advice and wisdom but they do not teach us magic and no rituals orspells.

where I then think about WHO ARE WE and WHO ARE YOU ?!?!

The soul is not your spirit.

the soul is what is inherent in almost everything is the emotion, the emotion of love, forgiveness and kindness.

because the soul is the expression of love and it is also said that God is love, so he inspired Adam’s soul in his body.

The mind is the consciousness that is aware of who it is and where it is, a visual stimulus of space and time or should I put it another way, free will is the expression of consciousness.

those who have a partnership with a succubus/incubus, fairies or djinns examine the spirits and ask them who they are and why they have chosen you, examine their answers.

because they are soul stealers, they want to go back to the divine origin which is the origin of paradise, to get there they have to eat your emotions to be reconnected with the divine, that’s why your relationship with them and you will grow from year to year stronger and more intense, therefore your personality changes the longer you are with them.

have you never wondered what your spiritual partners protect you from, they protect you from their dark brothers and sisters.

among the succubus/incubus spirits there is strife and resentment against man and his soul (your emotions)


Many taught me spells, or how to do some rituals, but ok

you have a few astray ideas, but I think you should think even bigger. To understand reality you must break away from things that tie you to an occult perspective. Think like a god. Would there be other races that we don’t know about? How would they be balanced in the state of how a god would know the world?

As I have incubus blood myself I know that vampirism is much more complicated than one might think. We live off of other’s life energy. It’s nothing personal. What makes us any different than humans feeding off of cows? It’s the same life energy. Vampirism, at it’s core, is just the consumption of life energy for one’s own life. We do not resent man just because they have souls. Why would you even think that’s the case? Look at Lilith. She doesn’t resent man. She actively participates in many communities, public and no.

Gods have responsibility. We can’t always give direct answers to your problems. That would just make you reliant on the information we know instead of learning for yourself. A hell of a lot of us have to follow a rule, called the direct interference rule. Direct interference is not allowed because it will stunt the growth of others. If we do teach ritual, we do it in a teaching format, trial and error, then give advices on what YOU learned from the experience.

The soul and the spirit are one. The only difference being that the soul is the mind of the spirit.

As for the infernal gods being liars? Yeah they lie a lot. But the reasoning is for protection, because information is often dangerous. Not because they want to maintain power over humans. Azazel taught the humans of fire, why would he give something so dangerous to humans? Because he knew that they would need it.

I will give you a singular hint as to where to look for the key: It is literally right under your nose. It’s all around us. Every day it happens infinitely, in all realities of existence.

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