I met Papa Legba :

As per his instructions, I medidated (but for some reason couldn’t close my eyes?) on him and met him in a crossroads (not a physical one as he understood). He appeared very differently like an old African gentleman and was very very kind. He cracked a lot of jokes and gave me extremely good advice and even offered to help me alongside one of my Ancestral Gods in the future. His personality was very similar to Rafiki from the Lion King and he also shared with me some of his Whiskey. I know that it’s said we should avoid taking stuff from spirits particularly food but I read that it’s an insult to refuse a gift in African traditions. It helped break the ice as well.

Overall his advice was good and made me strongly reconsider my dream career. Today I have an abundance of physical energy and to be honest, his medidation was the safest I ever felt. This God can banish anything malicious from your life is the vibe I got.

Oh and he loves that song Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. I was surprised when he asked me to play it.

While this isn’t my main path, I think that the Lwa are awesome.

Thank you Papa Legba for your guidance!


I’m very pleased n happy for u , that must have been something very special for u :slight_smile:

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Yeah it was. It was nice feeling grandfatherly love after so many years.

I’m gonna call him at some point, just waiting for the tools I need

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Good luck :slight_smile:

It is good that you have a positive experience with him.

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