I may have done my own version

Ik that the title is weird but, I was taking a bath because I was sick and i wanted to relax. Then without realizing it I slipped into the trance state where my godform pushed me back and I fell into the lake of fire, my skin and bones and everything else burned so fast and so intense. I then fell past the bottom of the lake into a blackness, nothing and literally nothing was there not even my astral body, it hurt so bad that I screamed but I could not hear it and no sound came out of my physical body. It was so real and vivid. Let me know what u guys think.


This might of happened to me once… except for the fact I got one step pass the eternal darkness. All I could see was scales! They were red and I guess whatever it was was constricting me until I eventually woke up with insane pain all over.

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