I manifested a car...... Trouble is

Past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about wanting a mustang. Dreaming of how I can get one and afford it. I REALLY want a 71 Mach (my dream car. That and a black 41 Studebaker with the suicide doors) but a Mustang to say the least. Well…

This past weekend a local dealership has one they are getting ready to put up for sale very soon. A sharp black beauty 2017. They never ever get Mustangs on their lot. Problem. Its a standard. I can drive one (I just havent in a very very very long time). I just don’t like them.

My point? I didnt manifest a AUTOMATIC Mustang LMAO



It’s ok, the point is you manifested a Mustang. You’ll get past the fact it’s a standard once you take her out on the road a few times…

…that, or go back to the drawing board and manifest what you really want, an automatic.

I have a silver 2018 convertible Mustang and I LOVE her.


I drove my exhusbands (well current at the time) standard mustang and HATED it lol.

Guess I will get a bit specific. My man told me about it and I told him it had been on my mind a lot lately. He was low key impressed lol. He started telling me about that site where they deliver the cars to you.

I just paid a bunch of stuff off so im not sure i wanna buy (or should i say have any monthly payments) anything right now. Straight up money to buy outright would be pretty amazing though…


Remember to welcome it warmly, even if you don’t buy it: in my own view, which has worked pretty well for me, it’s an Ambassador for its kind.



How coincidental, that’s exactly where I bought mine. It was a smooth process from start to finish.


Oh I do and I hope whomever buys it takes very good care of it. I already thanked the Universe and said sorry for not being more specific. I looked at it yesterday from the street and it is so very nice!!!

@QueenMustang I guess if I really wanted to talk him into it, I could but not sure I want to talk “HIM” into or get the car on my own.


Oh dear…

My man came and informed me… The car is indeed an automatic (he said when he looked inside it, it was dark and looked like a standard shift). He said “You wanna test drive it tomorrow”

Me- “Dude I manifested that car. You REALLY think I should be test driving that???” If it’s bought that is all on him lol


And I mean that.


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Well we test drove the car. It’s amazing. Sleek, fast, perfect.

Trouble is we have our house up for sale and considering moving. I really didn’t expect this to manifest so soon. I truly wasn’t trying for it right now. We paid a bunch of bills off and getting requalified for a loan in 11 days. If that car can stay there 12 without being bought. We want it lol. Just cant YET…


Time to learn stick shift.

You can put a hold order in so you will be first in line to get it if you want it.

I already know how to drive a stick/standard. I just don’t like them. And it’s been over 20 years since I’ve driven one. I would prefer not to have one personally. This one is an automatic so we’re good lol

I’m sending a servitor to the car while I wait and decide. He called back about the car just waiting to the guy to call back again.

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Well the car came home with us today. No issues and the dealer even sweetened the deal. Couldn’t be happier with it, Now time to Goth/Metal it out (just a tad but gonna make her mine).


It was meant for you! Congratulations on a successful manifestation. And for your new “baby”!


Thank you!! We even broke her in a bit yesterday. She’s a sweet car and we are very happy with our new “baby”.

Think im gonna see about a new embroidery machine (I do have a sewing business so it would be an “expense”) Need a multi needle. Gonna work on that next.


Interesting, I seldom ever feel any connection to automatics!

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Me too! I love to drive a standard shift especially in snow.

Honestly I’m not a car person at all. Hell to be honest, I hate driving lol

But I do love “her”

It’s still a bit a of a shock…

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