I’m really interested to work with Hekate

I’m really interested working with her but I don’t know what she can teach me? Can she teach me how to read ppl better and insight and necromancy and psychic gifts that’s what I sense from he that she can teach me but I would like your guys insight on it?

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I always suggest asking the spirit yourself and then see if it suits you or not.

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Hecate is the goddess of magick. There is no aspect of it that she cannot teach you.


So she can teach me anything and everything that I ask for? Just wondering

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Yes. She is known as the Goddess of Witches. She teaches many secrets.


Even vampirism?

“Like DarkestKnight said here’s nothing in magic I can’t show or teach it’s a matter of your will and how far you’ll go to learn what I or any spirit can teach. Your power IS your will. It’s weak your weak, if you strengthen it you become more powerful magically AND in your human world.
Build you’re senses while calling to me or any other and eventually you will hear and POSSIBLY see us. Remember: we’re always around but that doesn’t mean you’re always ready for us. Put in the work and things will start to happen. Also, some spirits will not work with or for you for whatever reason. Spend at least a month dedicated to 1 and connecting with them while working with others. If you don’t match move on until you can or they flat out tell you no. Sometimes it’s that simple.”

Triple moon shot into my head and that’s the message I got. I’ve been building a slow relationship with her cause my finances dictate not having my own place yet to go all out lol.

I will say this: if she was a physical human woman I’d chase her with a wedding ring into the next lifetime she’s that amazing…even when she’s pissed :sweat_smile:


damn, is she really that hot??

She is fucking sexy (appologies) physically although it’s not about that with her. Her mind and the way she thinks, speaks, interperates, her ability to be reasonable and logical, passionate and emotional all while being who/what she is…she literally feels more human than most humans lol.

She appears to me in different ways depending on the situation. If it’s something prophetic or watching out for me, then, always the triple aspect but different appearences depending on the environment/setting and her triple aspect is slightly different for me than most- which she doesn’t want me to elaborate on. But, when instructing me she’s VERY specific in how she looks which for my case, for some reason isn’t how my mind wants to see/interperate her but how she wants me to see her- again something else I’m sworn to secrecy about.

She’s the real deal. Everytime we talk she flashes her sigil in my mind, energetically “marks” me in a specific way and if I get lazy she sarcastically yet playfully digs into my ass if I take too long with shit I’m supposed to do. We work this way due to some issues I’ve been coming across with shit entities hijacking my invocations(long story).

I’m not getting detailed with describing much because you literally have to call out to her and see for yourself. She said she wants your brain to be fresh and raw when it comes to her so that you can experience her in your own way without the clutter/opinions. Because even though she may appear to many as almost the same, its through building a solid relationship that you get to see the “her for you” over time.

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I understand now I can see spirits and hear them now and I love working with dark goddess and I can see them now and they’re so beautiful trancy like beauty with a soothing beautiful nice voice that I just fill in love with see and hear opens you up to the spirit realm Very intense enlightenment I feel more confident now stable calm and super happy hearing the closest spirits guidance and aid is so addictive and beautiful I can sit here and talk to them about things and they’re so friendly and funny sometimes the jokes they tell me sometimes is always fun i became closer to the spirits I work with they’re like family to me they got my back and they are by my side helping me on the way having a deep connection with a spirit is beautiful they helped me with so much stuff and been wonderful and patient I am very thankful I’m on this path this deep connection are super sacred to me It’s Beyond this plane