I’m not sure what to do , I don’t think magick can help me

I’ll keep this as short as possible.

I have severe damage in my shoulder that probably requires surgery to fix , haven’t had my mri yet but I’m at the point where I’m just gonna pay out of pocket for it. My pt said I had 4 affected areas.

I keep trying to let it heal but I can’t work any job , even a dish washing job without doing more damage. I just tried doing some stretches at the gym and some pressing movements to see how it responds to just the weight of the bar.

It’s a no go and I’m sure it’s gonna hurt like a mother fucker tommorow. I’m trying to find something decent to get by on but honestly it doesn’t matter.

If two months with pt isn’t enough it’s fucked. I mean my shoulder is just fucked.

I’ll have to be out of my current place in the next few days so I have no where to go also because I have to live in my truck I’ll have to spend money to get my California tags next month because my out of state plates expire. I also have to get my rear brakes done plus smog and get my tailpipe welded to my muffler because the dude lost the clamps when he sold me the truck.

So after everything I’ll have maybe 200$ and that will be that.

What do I do ? I’m out of ideas and the friend or two I have can’t help me much and they think I’m being dramatic about my injury and they’re not taking it very seriously.

EA did say there’s nothing that isn’t impossible to fix which magick if you go about it the right way but I have way too much going at the same time

Plus my weakened will and apathetic attitude isn’t helping I’m sure but I really feel I can’t do anything


Okay, well you gotta change that mentality, anythings possible. So next step is focusing on it getting better. You gotta make time for it everyday. It’s a multistep process. You want it to be multistep, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. So, you get your sigils, candles, incense, all the things that are supposed to help. Start looking up healing incantations and some financial incantations wouldn’t hurt either. At the same time you should really focus on what you need, so maybe health before finances. Pay much respect to the deities, they return the favor. You gotta give a shit, take it seriously and want it to work. Have faith in yourself and your potential, we’re Gods trapped in a human experience. You don’t want to forget what it means to be human and you don’t want to forget what it means to be a god either. You got this. I tell you what, focus on my icon for a moment, I’m gonna funnel some energy into it. Hold your left hand over it and chant Zokar for 3 minutes. Open your chakras and let this energy flow to where it’s needed. Sincerely hope this helps. There’s more than enough information in this forum to help you. (:


I don’t think you understand exactly , as of late my magick has utterly failed or not been enough to heal this injury in time.

This injury will not subside for a very long time , if I was to get surgery I’d probably recover sooner actually believe it or not.

I don’t have 6 months to just heal up , I’m on extremely borrowed time and there’s almost nothing I can do to fix my shoulder.