I love Magick!

So there have been a few days I’ve been like “ehh I don’t want to work today because of blank” whenever I particularly dread something. I never think much of it til I get to and lo and behold something breaks at the plant or something happens unexpectedly, but always to my advantage. Today was one of those days and the only bottle make on this shift called off and no one could get ahold of the back up. This has happened three times this month so I know its not a mere coincidence not that I ever believed it was. It just goes to show how sometimes the most potent spell is a powerful emotion and the fact that the powers of magick and darkness keep those who walk this path. I truly love how I can shape my reality with results manifesting faster than ever since I’ve been doing EAs methods and working with another group for ascent that is inline with this. Its truly amazing. So have any of you had this happen to you if so I’d love to hear the story so let’s start this random discussion shall we :slight_smile:

Beautifully said, brother!

I too have got to confess that I still think it’s really fucking cool when I see the result of a working come to fruition.

This power is truly humbling and I hold the utmost passionate respect and reverence for the forces that can be sought and used to better our lives; to make us more than human.

Yes it becomes part of who you are brother it truly is amazing and it has helped me through a lot so far. And it is humbling knowing that nothing is beyond our grasp as we have been told. :slight_smile: hail thyself