I love lucifer but i get bad thoughts about him

In my experience, I had a bad history with certain spirits. Before formally introduced, Lucifer and a few others had a negative impact on my life via other people they worked with. I always respected Lucifer but for quite some time, him and the other got a lot of fuck your from me. He never got mad, just waited for me to realize the fault was not his and come around.


At least in the past I suffered from that, but eventually I was told too to not worry (by Lilith, so she partially isn’t so much to fear like it’s written somewhere… granted that respect is necessary).
In case of spirits causing or amplifying this problem, Flauros may help. Practice also mental void, by “looking” at your mind and calmly pulling away the thoughts; another method is to ignore them.


Just meditate and learn to control your thoughts and your feelings.
What matters is what you say out loud and when you mean it not the thoughts.
I get that to and is a spirit fu*king with my toughts. His also very much a perv.
Somtimes makes me lough most of the time irritates me.

To shut these off i say " Enough!! I no longer chose to think of this subject".


“He was made sin so that sin would be no more, accursed so that the curse would be no more…”

Just try to ignore those thoughts and not pay any attention to them. As you ascend, those kinds of thoughts will have less effect.

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I was also told by King Paimon that these thoughts are a natural consequence of the way our brains are wired, and how they react to our environment. He said it’s our human predicament that we are so easily susceptible to certain influences, but on the flipside we also have tremendous mental power that we need to learn, or remember, to access.

These thoughts are not your fault, and your being ashamed of them will only give them more prominence in your mind plus a negative emotional response, which will cause a negative feedback. But you can counteract this by not giving them any importance, so try to detach your emotions from them, no matter how insulting you think they are. The spirits know what’s what, and your determined attitude towards focusing and communicating with them is very much appreciated and will trump any b.s. thoughts that might pop up.


Thank you guys so much for the answers i really appreciate it. I will try contacting lucifer again on monday. Cause the first time i did not make contact with him


I’ve experienced similar issues when approaching Lucifer as well, and thankfully he is rather understanding. My upbringing instilled the idea that Lucifer = evil into me, and while I have undone a ton of that programming, sometimes it can still have an effect on me. I asked him to help me get over it, and he was very chill about it. For some people, such as myself, I think it’s part of the natural process of working with him, so definitely nothing to worry about.

If you’re ever concerned, just remember that spirits are generally interested in helping you grow and attain the life that you truly desire. Helping you allows them to express their power through you and into the world around you, which spreads their influence as well as yours. If Lucifer, or an angel, or any other spirit did harm to those who worked with them, why would anyone call upon them again? It’s in their best interest to help you out, and I believe most if not all of them genuinely enjoy doing so. If you treat them poorly they may not like you so much, but mutual respect and kindness go a long way.


I agree completely. If we can learn to become detached from our thoughts and only allow the most spiritually profitable ones to effects our spirit, then we will have mastered our minds and the spiritual realm

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I have had a similar problem. I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and the thoughts I really don’t want in my head, are the once that force themselves in. Stupid thoughts and scenarios used to replay in my head over and over again for days and sometimes for weeks. I still have OCD but I have managed to handle it better now, there is a method I just don’t know how to get it into words. This still happens from time to time but It goes away quicker than it used to. Something that does work but takes a bit practice, is thought substitution. Once an undesired thought or scenario pops up in the head, immediately replace that thought with something you have decided to replace it with (another thought that is positive instead). Do that for enough times and the unwanted thoughts should calm down and stop entering your mind. Also, try not to give these negative thoughts any energy or attention, don’t try to ignore them or force them out of your head but instead observe that they are there but once you have done that let them go. This can take a bit effort in the beginning but should become easier once you get more familiar with doing this.


“Brain hiccups” yes great description its kike these hold us in little honey traps on the table


I have faced this problem and I know how crippling it can be.

For me, those thoughts flourish only when I pay attention to them and make a big deal out of it and try to suppress them.

You can tell Lucifer that you’re facing this problem and ask him to not take it personally before you start your meditation or rituals if it helps you. Lucifer is one of the most understanding entities out there, he most likely already knows that you don’t mean it, so don’t worry.

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That would be not-so-nice and hella disrespectful only and only if you actually mean it.

@Lux_Tenebris brain hiccups! Im keeping that! Love it.


Ask yourself what it is you want. I would recommend meditation on why you keep having these thoughts. It could be remnants from your previous beliefs or those imparted on you by family, friends, the outside world, etc. No matter what, I would approach Lucifer with the utmost respect. A note about this though, when I first began on the path with him, in gnosis I bowed to him when I first met with him out of respect and he told me NOT to do so. He said, “Do not bow to me. You are as I and we are as one.” So, in my opinion, approach him from a place of respect, but not of subservience.


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I would never disrespect lucifer or any of his demons in any way. I love them already even if i still have not gotten in contact with them

What you are describing does sound a little like OCD. You have split feelings, or are worried that the bad thoughts will overtake the rational ones. You have to remember that the spirit resonates with your intent (or emotion) not the “thought chatter”. Try and keep positive.


If you don’t mind me asking, what was the name of this spirit?

@Rikki1511 King Paimon.