I love lucifer but i get bad thoughts about him

@Lux_Tenebris brain hiccups! Im keeping that! Love it.


Ask yourself what it is you want. I would recommend meditation on why you keep having these thoughts. It could be remnants from your previous beliefs or those imparted on you by family, friends, the outside world, etc. No matter what, I would approach Lucifer with the utmost respect. A note about this though, when I first began on the path with him, in gnosis I bowed to him when I first met with him out of respect and he told me NOT to do so. He said, “Do not bow to me. You are as I and we are as one.” So, in my opinion, approach him from a place of respect, but not of subservience.


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Thank you, @DarkestKnight. Introduction completed and posted.

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I would never disrespect lucifer or any of his demons in any way. I love them already even if i still have not gotten in contact with them

What you are describing does sound a little like OCD. You have split feelings, or are worried that the bad thoughts will overtake the rational ones. You have to remember that the spirit resonates with your intent (or emotion) not the “thought chatter”. Try and keep positive.


If you don’t mind me asking, what was the name of this spirit?

@Rikki1511 King Paimon.