I lost my gifts, please help

I was able to make great readings through lenormand cards, I was able to discover incredible things and have information that, in my opinion, it would be impossible for me to have through any other method. I got everything right. But then about a month ago I did a spell to influence a certain person, and I asked the catds if it had worked, the answer was positive. The problem is that now I can’t see anything anymore, the cards that come out have nothing to do with what I’m asking, I started to think that they were always giving me answers about how the spell was developing (even if I was asking something else) since the same cards always appear, the same answer in different ways, and in a way they are cards whose theme is related to what I asked for in the invocation, but I’m not even sure about that anymore. Has anyone here ever been there? Any tips on how to get back to normal? I depend on the information I get from the cards to find out whether or not I do a ritual, I just can’t do without it

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perhaps you had some parasites come to you while you did the spell and they’re blocking your abilities?


Or maybe the person you tried influencing also does magic

Try cleansing the cards and recharging them. If you don’t feel like trusting the deck, use another one!
Do a reading on something else you don’t care about.
Most of the time if I am doing readings for myself or invested in it, I feel stuck and the cards doesn’t make sense.

I’ve had this happen several times before. Take it as a cue that it’s time to recharge. Shadow work, contemplation, or meditation would be good to do right now. Give it a week or two.

Story time: the last time I had this happen, I was using a pendulum board. Before every reading, I do a “tune-up” to help me align with it by asking it to show me each direction for a specific answer. The pendulum did fine and accurately demonstrated each answer’s direction. The second I start asking questions, however, it went erratic every which way it could. Every question I tried asking it behaved weirdly and would not give an answer. My friend was with me at the time and she tried asking with her pendulum-- same exact thing.

I have directions for “not telling” as well as “unknown/too many variables”, so that let me know the issue wasn’t the pendulum itself, but whatever astral network it pulled answers from. I don’t know if that’s what happens every time I seem to fall out of touch with my gifts, but it’s a good hypothesis I’d like to ask some spirits about.

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I am an artist, but occasionally I will “lose my abilities” for months at a time.

Or, at least, I thought that’s what was happening.

In reality, each time I can’t create, it is because I am getting so far into my own head and taking everything far too seriously that I am blocking myself.

This is likely what is happening to you right now.
Take a few steps back and keep trying. You haven’t lost anything. You have a mental block right now. It will come back once you stop worrying.

Also, if the cards are telling you something completely unrelated to what you’re asking, you should look deeper into that. For a full year, I kept seeing that my father was sick. My father wasn’t sick, so I tried to ignore it.

Then my father got sick. Actually, he had been sick all along and just didn’t know it yet.

Hmm. So the cards were right. I wasn’t asking about my dad, but the cards were telling me something I should be aware of anyway.

Sometimes you don’t get the answer you’re looking for, but you get an answer you need to hear.