I live in a Muslim country I can't do much

I’ve been living in Maldives for the last 5 years, its a Muslim country, if we get caught doing some witchcraft/magic we can get arrested. Plus theres not much privacy specially in small islands.

Even thou im not focusing on doing rituals and stuff, if i wanted to how can i even do it?
Lets say i want to Invoke or conjure someone, i wouldn’t be able to without getting caught.

Is anyone in the same situation?
This is why I’ve been thinking i want to control my Astral projection, so maybe it will be easier to call entities?
Also is it possible to do a ritual in the astral? Is there such a thing like that?


Possible yes. I usually find myself distracted by the time they show up and only recall scraps of information compared to summoning them to me.

It’s doable if you’re aware while projecting or lucid dreaming though for sure.

The astral temple used through imaginative skills is also an option.

Otherwise you can use the clair senses and imaginative skills to perform any ritual in your mind, I often do this because I’m lazy but I started out just basically trying to do magic when it was hard for me because someone might see. I wouldn’t have gotten arrested but I was sure someone would claim I was crazy.

They did this anyways in a round about way, so it didn’t matter :rofl: but I do often just go for a smoke at my back table or turn on a song that really represents my goal well and do some magic in my mind.

I can’t visually imagine, but if I have a song on and I’m really into it, I can feel the energy moving towards what I’m imagining- I just go for the goal instead of imagining the candles or ritual, unless I’m using a ritual that is predesigned.

Corwin Hargroves magic for Djinn for example, I do all mentally and imagine there is a candle in front of me. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually used one, but I’ve had lots of successes with this magic and still use it a few times a month for easy, quick results.

Remote influence is effective on many targets and doesn’t use spirits at all and is similar to what I mean for some of this.


Also you can use sigils and seals electronically, if it’s safe to view them on your personal device and delete them when you’re done.

For example I don’t keep a folder of the sigils and demons or seals or anything like that that I’ve used.

If I can remember what the seal looks like, I don’t need to see it to summon an entity and if I can’t I’ll just google it quick and sometimes don’t even save them, I’m not as easily distracted by all the background images as I used to be.

Also there’s servitors on the forum that don’t take the normal spiritual form- like Luna looks like a my little pony sketch, because the overwhelming request I got was for spirits that would not scare people with their appearance.

So you might consider taking a look around, I know we have several free servitors on the forum that do good jobs with a variety of things that wouldn’t even look like anything to anyone but you.

Also to note, the average person may or may not feel weird if you summon around them. People with absolutely no knowledge or exposure can get real weirded out, or they may not notice at all.

If you do it while they sleep, often they have weird dreams and will mention dreaming about you and something off the wall the next day or a few days after.

So you can summon and have them not be aware but still have an awareness of it also, which may be more dangerous for you than for me.

I would recommend a petition style sigil opening for demons and the like rather than a full summoning. Basically just open the sigil, or gaze at it until you’re pretty sure they have to be listening or you experience some sign they might be, then tell them what you need.

Banish afterwards to remove the energy and it’s less likely to be noticeable as the spirit doesn’t come all the at into your space. Sensitives will notice all kinds of stuff though, so still depends on who you have to live with if you should try to only do this while your home alone for three minutes in the morning, or maybe in the bathroom with the shower running or some other slightly inconspicuous way.

Idk I can come up with ideas all day long, I just can’t verify if any of them might work for you lol :rofl:


Ok, maybe I’ve already been doing something similar to this. I sit in a quiet place, and just open my mind and be open to anyone who is interested in talking with me, i haven’t tried calling someone specific thou.

I imagine this way will be safer? Maybe if we try to contact a sertain entity maybe only one thats pur energy and consciousness level will come to us no?


I believe so. When you allow anything to come it’s easier to become fooled and more important to use good discernment before trusting what comes- you may have only attracted the nearest dead spirit or djinn or just a shade of something, or maybe even something evil out looking to see whom they can fool into being their next meat bag.

Many of us have natural/built in protection from our ancestors, blessings from loved ones at our birth, past lives etc- so how it goes can be very individual and if your intentions are always to only connect to beings that have your best interests at heart, you’ll not have too many troubles unless your doing a lot of baneful magic imop.

But having intent to connect to a specific entity will go a really long ways towards getting that exact entity- often people have used the wrong enns, sigils, even names and still got their intended entity because their subconscious knew what they really wanted and directed the energy they were raising the way it needed to go, instead of what the human at the front of the mind said or thought in error.

I think you are probably okay to use either method, you just want to be aware if you don’t have a specific entity in mind, you can’t foretell what might come forward and answer, so use an eye if discernment and a grain of salt until you establish the character of the entities responding.


Given your living situation and area, I would recommend a VPN (mullvad is good) for use while viewing magic related things online.

Keteriya’s advice is solid. As usual. :slight_smile:


I don’t like the talking like a expert in magic. But most of us newbies cross the same road.

If you do the basic work, if you have competence in skills like visualisation, energy work, meditation you can find a way to do the rituals. Creating astral temple for example.

Ok, you don’t need to do the ritual but you need to chant that mantra with emotion and power (even if you do in your imagination). Energy is necessity. Ritual gives us chance to using energy, but you can use energy without ritual also.


Very true.


Unfortunately I still live with my parents.
My mother and my sister are very religious, christians, and that sucks, because I can’t advance much in magic, but I can’t complain because the house isn’t mine.

However, over time I managed to get around this in the following way: I wait for a day when everyone is out of the house and I do what I have to do: be it meditation, offerings or evocations. Most of the time I communicate more with the spirits using their sigils, either on paper or on my cell phone, with spirits that I am closer to, communication usually happens in my mind, without the need for any kind of implement. I just “tune in” and puff!

Try to find a place in the middle of nowhere, like a forest. Do you have your own room? If so, it gets easier, because you can start meditating and working your senses and even do some ritual in silence, and you won’t run the risk of being discovered…


Oh, online stuff isnt the problem, only when it comes to actually wanting to do a ritual. And you know what, someone already complained about me, because i was sitting in the evening on the other side of the football field doing mantras and not mentaly reciting it. I think one of the joggers got creeped out and complained. So i was told i cannot be there :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: i was just sitting saying mantras. Nothing bad. Plus theres people jogging around almost all the time until 11:30pm

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Yea i think that is my problem. I dont know who i want to call, other than my spirit, which i tried but i couldnt sense anything

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There is plenty ways to hide or practice in the open without anyone knowing. Crystals for example just stones right? You can program them energetically.

Food witchy or kitchen witchcraft is the way to go.

Playing cards is tarot or cartomancy.

Roses are popular in the middle east you can use it in spells or rituals. In food and desserts. I currently doing that.

You just have to be extremely, extremely careful i know in some middle east countries they even frown about some pictures of animals…

I wouldn’t buy anything occultist that anyone looking at it would know.

Tea is popular too so look into divination of that.

Feng Shui.

Coin magic.

Water magic.

You can use perfume to write sigils on your person so no one sees it.