I just talked to Dantalion

I just spoke to Duke Dantalion and this is some of the conversation .
(it was all telepathic)

I said "now I want you to make a girl madly in love with me "
and he said "hahaha I don’t want that problem ."
I still asked "can you make girl’s name madly in love with me "
and he said "No I don’t want those problems "
I asked him "what demons could help me "
and he said “sallos sitri or bune”

I also saw Lucifer’s name after Bune’s but it was kind of faded like Dantalion wasn’t sure if Lucifer could help .

So my question to all of you is … Did anyone have any love experiences with Bune ?

I also asked if I should just mess and with her and other girls and he said “of course. That is the will” . What will is he talking about ?


The Will, probably as in the will of life, of your red beating heart and hopefully hers.
Consider why you are even interested in this girl. Is it a logical desire aimed at your own prosperity? Probably not.
You want this girl because nature has given you a desire outside your own choosing. Asking for help is only fair :wink:


When I was doing a love work I asked Lucifer for help and he was quiet. But he sent Bune my way as she kept showing up during meditations. I haven’t worked with her yet though. I thought her odd for the task also, but evidently she is game😃


Bune= Money

and girls are attracted to money… maybe that’s the logic ?


Could be. My target was a male but I’m fairly confident he would have been game for a sugar momma. Or sugar daddy. There was alot going on there, hence the reason I abandoned it.


ahhhhhh didn’t think of it that way

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Thanks everyone

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No you are missing it, reread everything and meditate. There is a personal message in there only you will get.

Your next interaction is to ask about how you need to change, and you need to take notice, no punches will be pulled. What you are told, you do not repeat here unless it is cleared first with the Duke.

I’m telling you how I have worked with him. You can allude to questions, but you can not ask them directly.

You know the absolute worst part of all of this - Duke Dantalion speaks the truth, the only doubts that come are from yourself.


"now I want you to make a girl madly in love with me "

With all due respect and I’m really friendly but if someone asked me for something like that, I would probably say the same thing. I mean, kindness and respect is the key when speaking to any spirit. Demanding stuff from someone who controlls more that you or me, I mean, it’s kind of funny for them.

It reminds me of something. It was about a demon king. There was a magician that used a circle and a triangle to summon him and he was commanding him and telling him that he had to do as he commanded because the demon was then imprissoned in the triangle. And the demon just laughed and left…and I laughed too when I heard it. I mean, when as a normal shinobi, try to ask someting out of Madara, respect is a must (if you know what I’m saying).


Says Dantalion? I think i know why because few weeks ago ( just before yours i think) i had an experience with him concerning women too, the end of the story was indeed veeery funny after Dantalion granted my wish… :joy: he has strong reasons to laugh about that lol. Concerning your request i think he can do it, but he just doesn’t want to create a problem.


Someone does live in a fairy land if they try to boss around spirits like that. Know your worth and respect others. Simple as that :pray: