I just invoked Danny Devito

He showed up, pretty much talked like he usually does. I do the weird invokey shaky thing and then say

“Oh my god it actually worked. Hi, how are you?”

“I’m doin’ pretty good, how bout’ yourself?”

Me, trying not to cry out of laughter “I’m good, I’m good. Do people invoke you often?

“No, not really. I mean, no one really thinks of it.”

“I guess that makes sense. Do you have any abilities”

“I’m the trash ma- okay, you get the picture. I make jokes, that’s about it.”

“Hehe, okay Danny. Thanks for coming!”

“Thanks for havin’ me!”

This is pure.


Damn i need to invoke him sometime for a chat :laughing:


There are some pretty cool egregores out there. Sometimes I can’t decide if to attempt to summon certain historical figures from wherever they are (if they haven’t incarnated again) or to summon the way people of my country sees them, which would be the most baneful entities out there