I just had an idea

Hey I just had an idea from this topic [url=http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/mastering-evocation-omnipotence/demon-influence-my-grade-results-in-college/]http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/mastering-evocation-omnipotence/demon-influence-my-grade-results-in-college/[/url]

If a demon can influence someones grades, then there’s probably someone out there who can help me get rid of procrastination problems. Something I struggle with alot recently is getting certain things done when I don’t feel like doing them but should anyway. It’d be awesome if I could find something that could help me get past that problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you figure anything out, I think many could benefit from this.

Well - elementally - the opposite positive attribute of procrastination is assertion, will power, determination, perseverance etc. Which are all in the realm of the fire element. While procrastination and laziness are subject to the negative realms of water and earth.
So - if you want to go the elemental way, I’m sure some work with the kings of the said kingdoms could merit some effect.

so maybe djinn then? To anyone who has done work with djinn what sort of incense/candles/etc does he like?

Well, we don’t have a real solid working relationship just yet, but I’ve been using plain candles and copal; he shows up. :slight_smile:

Last night he wanted a lot of smoke, in case that helps.

Edit: I evoked him on your behalf last night, so maybe you looking to work with him is a good sign, haha.

Eshmak from the kingdoms of flames is awesome for will power, I did some work with him and he really kicked my arse into to gear taking me from snoozing through my alarm to waking up 2 hours earlier so I could actually meditate and exercise