I just had an experience

Hello Everyone,

I was reading a book about angel sigils and I wanted to work with an angel to bring me fortune in bad times.

So I fallowed the instruction

I closed my eyes and my body started to shake back and forth it was like I was feeeling two hands on my knees my shake was stong so I keep saying my wish
I SAY GO WITH PEASE just like the book has recommended.

It was my second experience is it a good sign?
Do you think I have done it …

My first one was with angel ariel she choosed to push me back but that is all. But this angel was more intense.

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Which angel were you trying to get in contact with during this?

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I Believe her name was something like tzuriel

I haven’t heard of her before actually!

Were you trying to summon someone to help or just to practice or meet the angel?

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I was summonding an angel

What book were you using?

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That is the one.


Thanks. I have that book but I have never used it.

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I started to use it 2 days ago but sigils inside of the book re effective